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3 Signs that she wants to sleep with you

tantric masaage in LondonAnd why on earth shouldn’t London’s leading tantric massage specialists share this sort of information with you?  We’re aware of your gents and what drives you.  You don’t get to have your hands, or indeed body, all over a man without learning something!

So, with the help of our London tantric massage girls, we have compiled a short, fun set of tips so you can know for sure.  You’ve all been in that situation before we’re sure.  You don’t know whether it’s because you’re a little drunk, but does she want you or not?

  • She told you. If she’s not drunk or otherwise lost from her senses, if she tells you she wants you to have sex with her (or a choice set of other words), then you’re in!
  • She is reciprocating your touch. This is important and it depends on where you’re touching her.  If you’ve simply touched her arm when leaning in to chat, don’t take this as a sign she wants to take you home and rip the paint off the wall with her headboard!  Use your common sense.  If you’ve been getting on well and you’ve touched her in a more intimate area, and she touches you back with an equal amount of enthusiasm, you’re in!  Might we suggest perhaps touching her thigh, the naked skin at the small of her back, or if you’re dancing etc. try touching her ass!
  • Kissing. Well to be honest, you really should be able to tell from this!  A simple kiss isn’t an invitation, but something more passionate could well be.  But be clear here.  A passionate, long kiss will definitely tell you she wants to have sex with you, but it might not signal that she wants to there and then, or even when you get home.  Take her cue!

Tantric massage in London

Of course, if these dates are doing your head in and you simply can’t read some of those complicated signals that women put out, book a tantric massage.  We really mean it.  You’d be surprised at just how having your body rubbed into bliss can make you forget all about your women troubles!

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