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Is Foot Massage an alternative Massage?

Is foot massage an alternative massage? … If so why do we neglect it?

With more than hundred pressure points and thousands of nerves ending the soles are continuous erogenous zone but nevertheless the least attention is being paid, foot massage, to that area, what a shame!  While getting feet massages not only one feels tremendous pleasure and relaxation but also gets incredibly arousing experience. No wonder that the kings in ancient East loved footmassage, they sure knew their game!

But how often, while we are performing erotic massage, do we pay attention to feet? Imagine after a long day of work, spending lots of time on your feet, running around London then being welcomed into our own little haven where possibly this can happen – hot shower, relaxing on the soft bed, hot towel with essential oil on it, making you completely and utterly happy. Feet massage works real wonders. There are many techniques and here are just few that is the most popular to us:

Chinese- stimulation of active pressure points by applying the pressure with thumbs and massaging in circular motions with different intensity to create the sensation of vibration.

Indian- stroking, pressing and rubbing the sole of the foot from heel to toes using warm oil.

Thai- is focusing on pressure points. In a calm slow motion, with no sharp pressing or stretching.

Based on those principles we created our signature erotic feet massage, stimulating yet very relaxing. In a very sensual manner, using one of our favourite essential oils, https://naissance.com/, we gently massage feet from toes to heel and up again in a gentle circular motion applying light pressure. 

But every moment of it will be unique as their imagination run wild.  http://tantrictouchlondon.com/gallery/ 

My Favourite Massage oils and where to find them

My favourite massage oils

My favourite massage oil and where to find them is my special guide that I have put together during hours and hours of reading and investigating! The oils that are being used during a body to body massage session is more important then you think, it’s a fact. So I have decided to write a little blog about this subject and to also tell you that we can’t wait to see your faces again. And to have a well deserved laugh and relaxed time together very soon!

During lock down, oils became my passion

I hope you are all coping well during this difficult period. Its been long and exhausting for all of us but let me tell you – we are all here and can’t wait to welcome you all back with our magical touch, light and slow touch which brings an incredible pleasure. I was thinking how we can make your experience better then it ever was a lot. And after all we’ve been through we all definitely need it, don’t you agree? I thought that using essentials oils in body to body massage might be good idea as they come to help to promote sexual relaxation and stimulate your senses. 

Massage oils and the benefits 

You probably have an idea of what essential oils are and how beneficial they are to your mood and health. But in fact they’ve been used in many other ways! Such as an aphrodisiacs that stimulate the awakening of sexual energy and sensuality and enlighten your imagination. Using essential oils in sensual erotic massage in very indulging. We will use a smooth and sliding motion that will lead you into a world of sensual delight most people dare not to dream of. But when it comes to make a selection, you may be wondering which oil is the best to use for the occasion. After experimenting ( with all this time in my hands) ) my top 5 essential oils would be –

  • Ylang-Ylang which enhances sexuality and sensibility and brings harmony
  • Patchouli evokes desire and arouse
  • Sweet orange oil creates an easy atmosphere and reinforces trust
  • Muscat sage brings the sexual magnetism to the peak.
  • And my latest discovery is a very exotic Vetiver oil, “the oil of tranquility”. Adding those oils to our body to body massages will build sexual energy. And keep it flowing throughout the body long after you leave us
Where to buy massage oils 

I have put together some suggestions of awesome discreet online shops. Here you can find my favourite massage oils. It will be quick and painless plus that you will save your pennies! https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/ is my absolute top choice, they have everything you can think of in terms of massage oils. Also https://www.thebodyshop.com/ is another fantastic shop where you can buy massage oils. So what are you waiting for, let’s get oiled up and try those oils! One of the ladies on our website has lots of knowledge about massage oils, in fact, her favourites are my favourites! So check out her profile and get involved! http://tantrictouchlondon.com/gallery/georgina/ you will not be disappointed! 



Picking up girls in a bar: Is it for you?

It’s not for everyone, and we know some of you are better than others at this, so we figured we’d give you a few pointers. It can’t hurt can it? As long as you don’t try pulling our masseuses, you can’t go wrong!

However, this article isn’t going to be the standard type about chat up lines, what to wear and what to say. To be honest, the first thing you need to think about is, do you really want to pick up a girl in a bar? If you are after anything that’s at all lasting, this isn’t the place to meet the woman of your dreams is it? Unless you’re with a group of friends and you are introduced to someone of course, then this is different. But walking over and “chatting up” a random girl when you’ve had a skin full of booze isn’t the best way.


Want to get laid?

Well now, if you just want to get laid, you could just walk up to random girls in the bar, where they have probably had as much booze as you, probably is your thing. It’s all about having fun, in much the same way as getting some attention from one of our masseuses, but you need to understand also that this isn’t the end goal for that many women. Most of them, regardless of how drunk they are, are always looking for that ideal “boyfriend”. So, if this is your goal, you better have some lines at the ready!

There are of course those “party girls” out there that want just what you want, we wouldn’t deny that, but these girls are few and far between. You’ll know them if you meet them though, they’ll be very forward and almost predatory, so watch out if you have a nervous disposition!

Be her perfect man

Keep in mind that idea that they’re looking for their boyfriend and you won’t go wrong, whether you just want some one night fun, or something lasting. Always remember that you will never get the full measure of a girl in a bar when you’ve both been drinking however. So it’s probably best, if you’re genuinely interested in her, to get her number and arrange a date where you can sit down and get to know each other.

But there’s never any harm in doing it the other way around if you get lucky. Be the boyfriend! Be the one that says the right things, dress nice, listen to her, be caring and honest and everything she dreams of.


It’s photo time! Tantric massage girls update their pictures

We are always pleased when our girls share their new pictures with us. After we have finished starring at them in awe, we put them onsite and get ready for a mad rush of calls. Who wouldn’t want a sexy massage with one of these girls for goodness sake?! The two girls we’re focusing on today are: Jasmine and Georgina.

Jasmine and Georgina

These two professional sexy massage girls have been in the business for a long time, and they’ve been regulars with Tantric Touch London. They have built up a list of regular clients who book them all the time, but they have always got room for more. These two masseuses never tire of stroking your naked body and making you feel good. You wouldn’t believe their energy! We are incredibly happy to continue having these two working with us, we adore them!

sexy massage


You will of course forgive us for not having the girls’ faces showing. This is at their request. Georgina and Jasmine have lives outside of their sexy massage life, and they would rather that the two don’t mix. We respect that, like we do with all of our girls, and we are certain that you will too. As a side note, whilst we’re on this subject, the girls do not like to be photographed before, during or after your sexy massage, so please don’t ask, or worse still take pictures without consent.

sexy massage

Holiday snaps!

It looks as though the lovely Georgina has been away on her holidays! Could you imagine laying on a beach with her next to you? WOW! Now that’s something to dream about between now and the next time you see her. Perhaps you’ll have some complimentary things to say to her about her new pictures? Anyway, you get the best of both worlds really. Whilst you are unable to spend a summer holiday with her, you can look at her sexy pictures, and then you can have her all to yourself, giving you the sexy massage of your life!

Choosing an apartment over a hotel

When you visit London, do you ever get yourself an apartment, rather than a hotel? Today we’re talking about the best things about having an apartment in London. And whilst we are reviewing an apartment not particularly close to London City, where most of our tantric masseuses are located, it’s not too far away!

Why should you choose an apartment?

You might well ask, just what’s wrong with a hotel? Room service, everything taken care of etc. Well, all that is very nice indeed, but if you’re anything like some of the people our tantric masseuses see when they come to London, you’ll also appreciate a certain level of privacy, and the freedom to come and go when you please without having someone on a desk wishing you good morning and goodnight. It doesn’t mean that you’re unsociable of course, it’s just that there are plenty of people in the world who manage on a daily basis without someone to talk to in the morning or before they go to bed at night, and to have anything different can sometimes feel a little weird.

On top of this, it’s always nice to be able to have all your own food and drink in your apartment isn’t it? You can snack at whatever time you like, make yourself lunch, dinner etc. whenever you want? Lots of people who book apartments rather than hotels, tend to be those who are working too. People who are travelling for business purposes and like to keep their own hours in between attending meetings and such. Having an apartment definitely has a lot of advantages.

Aren’t apartments more expensive?

The short answer to this is no, they’re not. You can get apartments in London for the same price, and sometimes much cheaper than hotels. Some would argue that this is because you don’t get the level of service you get in a hotel, and they would be right of course. But it all depends on which way you’re looking at it, and how much you value your own space. If you do even a little bit of research, you’ll find loads of apartments for rent in London, from just one night, to months if you really need them that long.

tantric masseuses

Concept Studio Apartments – Notting Hill

We have actually used this company before and this is why we’re mentioning it here in this article. It wasn’t actually for us, we rented it for a friend who was in town, but we did go around to see it. If you are the type of person who likes to spend less than £100 a night when you’re staying in London, some of the hotels are appalling to say the very least. To be honest, some apartments are too, but this was an exceptional place for the price. We paid around £180 for two nights. The apartment was a studio, basement, with its own front door, which was a nice touch. The key was left in a safe box in the main house entrance, and the system was very easy indeed. Our friend didn’t even have to see anyone!

The level of comfort was very good, with a nice bed, pillows and duvet etc. Plenty of clean towels, cooking facilities, kettle and everything you would need. They even had an iron and an ironing board in the cupboard too. It was spotlessly clean and very cosy, not unlike some of our tantric masseuses apartments in London City actually. Anyway, if you’re looking for an apartment next time you’re in London visiting, do check out their website and make some enquiries. And remember that you’re only a tube ride from London City – about 20 mins from one of our tantric masseuses!