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Could BCIS translate to the tantric massage industry?

We’ve been brushing up on our current affairs here at Tantric Touch London and we’d like to share our discoveries with you. We may be only tantric massage specialists, but we know what men like (and no, we’re not talking about our specialities). Men are tech heads and geeks essentially, so we know that you’re going to love this.

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There’s a really good article in The Economist about BCIS (Brain Computer Interfaces) and the power of the mind being able to overcome ordinarily impossible problems. Take the case of William Kochevar, whose accident left him paralysed in the arm, yet the use of electrode implants in his brain and his arm, now allow him to move it with the power of thought. Imagine the implications of this technology! It’s beyond impressive. Indeed, as we writer this, we’re dreaming about a “thought to text” writing system! So with all this, quite literally only years away in many cases, what are most forward thinking rational men thinking of developing? We’ll quote The Economist here because they put it very well indeed. Are they thinking about:

“… stimulating the visual cortex to help the blind, forging new neural connections in stroke victims…”

No, of course not. Most men will be figuring out how we can create a BCIS based robotic arm that will play with their genitals. Hey, we’re not judging, but as tantric massage specialists we did tell you that we know men!

How thought translates to please

All this begs the question: Is it the thought or the action that provides the pleasurable experience? Of course we can say that when your penis is touched by another’s hand and not your own, it feels nicer. And most of you will have sat on your own hand at some point to try and replicate the sensation! But there’s the word right there: “feels”. If we are thinking about what we want a robotic hand to do, is the sensation of what it does lessened because we already know? For example, if you were to think about speeding up the stroking on your penis, would it be less pleasurable than it happening without your knowledge? It would be interesting to learn.

Thought alone?

And if we can derive pleasure in this way, what’s to stop us eventually doing away with physical contact altogether?  If we can think about the feelings, could we soon be able to just think ourselves an orgasm? Now there’s an encouraging thought!

Think yourself a tantric massage

Personally we find it fascinating, and we sincerely hope we have provoked some thoughts with you, and perhaps some discussions. However, when it comes to tantric massage we don’t believe you would ever be able to “think” the actions of our stunning masseuses; they’re all so different from one another too. If you’re curious about just how different they all are, why not make a booking?

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