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The best tantric massage services and the best burger joint!

tantric massage servicesWell, we’re not going to bore on and on like Grace Dent from The Evening Standard for starters. Goodness knows why she weaves so much nonsense into her reviews. They really do read like a bad novel! When we look at a restaurant, we’re happy to tell you if we like it or not, what the best dishes were that we tried, and maybe how much it cost us. There really isn’t room for a restaurant critic at Tantric Touch London. After all, we’re here to persuade you to book tantric massage services above all else, not tell you which wines to have with your bone marrow pate!

However, we do want to tell you about the hotspots of course. We are very well aware that you gentlemen appreciate the finer things in life, and this is the primary reason you’re considering booking tantric massage services from us.

Back to fundamentals. Some of you may think that the restaurant we’re about to talk about doesn’t actually qualify as “fine dining” as they say, but we do believe that everyone in this world loves a good burger! It’s for this reason we’re introducing you to the increasingly popular Patty and Bun.

Patty and Bun

The first thing you should know about this successful London chain is that they’re nothing like the garbage you’re likely to get in McDonald’s; or as we like to refer to them – demons of the food industry out to suck your very soul from your body. Patty and Bun are a gourmet burger chain, for want of a better phrase, and they’ve just secured the site for yet another restaurant in the city. This one is set to appear in Soho next year on Old Compton Street. If you’re desperate to try them out, based on our recommendations, there are sites on James Street, Liverpool Street, and there’s one in Hackney too!

The food at these places is non pretentious, affordable, you don’t have to book, and more importantly, it’s bloody tasty! We highly recommend them. And don’t worry about the whole “red meat” debate, for goodness sake; live a little! You like tantric massage services right? Well, you’re no angel then…

Just like tantric massage services, burgers can actually be good for you…

A little bit of what you fancy does you good right? And heaven knows, as providers of tantric massage services, we know a little about that! Not only do they taste great and make you feel good as you enjoy them, they’re also packed with protein and other lovely stuff of course. Again, not like the rubbish you’ll get in McDonald’s. No overdose of MSG and salt here. You’re not likely to have to order four burgers just to satiate your appetite!

Anyway… Visit their website for more information if you like


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