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The best workouts aren’t always the longest!

Your favourite London massage girls are back to give you some very useful tips! Just when you thought all we were good for was to get naked and slide all over you, we come back to you with ways to keep fit.

Now we’ve all heard no end of different theories about keeping in peak physical fitness right? But who actually wants, or indeed needs, to be in “peak” physical fitness? Most of you are not athletes. You don’t compete in sporting events. Most of you work in offices, and actually need some form of exercise that fits your busy life, but doesn’t take it over!

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Not a gym goer?

We know what you mean, most of our London massage girls aren’t either. They’ll go from time to time, to mix it up a little, but mostly it’s simple stuff. Allow us to explain. Recent research has discovered that just a single minute of high intensity training can do more than some of the more traditional exercises that take much longer, such as running etc.

The research

They’re from somewhere called McMaster University. Some professor of kinesiology, named Martin Gibala , has been doing some pretty extensive research on brief intervals of training and their benefits. Basically it’s called SIT (sprint interval training), that concentrates on lessening the workout time, but improving the intensity. Traditional methods of running and cycling for around 45 minutes, can now be reduced to less than ten minutes with the same results! Doing the same cycling, simply include short 20 second bursts of intense running. We’re not sure about the specifics of course, you’d have to look into that yourself, but it sounds pretty damn good to our London massage girls.

It’s similar in many ways to the HIIT workouts that hit the nation a couple of years back. You can do your sprint training on the spot by the sounds of it. It has the same cardiovascular benefits anyway, we think. So, there you go. More results in less time!

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