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Can long distance relationships really work?

London massageLet’s face it, they’re not ideal are they? Most of the girls we’ve had working with us over the years have been in one or two of these, and they don’t often turn out very well at all. Being a London massage professional didn’t help some of them of course, but what can you do? However, because we do have a little experience of these things, we have a few suggestions for you if you’re desperate to make it work.

Talk all the time

If you want to make it work you have to give your partner the emotional support you would expect from a relationship. You have to make them feel as though you are the first person they want to speak to in the morning and the last one at night. You don’t have to talk about anything in particular. Just have her on speaker as you’re both watching TV in the evening, or something like that. Facetime is great for this sort of thing too (and others of course)

Cyber sex

Get into the whole cyber sex thing. One of you is bound to be getting turned on at some point during one of your many conversations. So sex it up a bit. Believe us, we’re London massage girls, we know how to “sex it up”. Get into a habit of being sexy on the phone and on Skype and Facetime etc. but don’t make it a regular event that’s scheduled like your grandparents would have done years ago; that kind of takes the romance right out of it!

Be reliable

This is one of the best pieces of advice. If you’ve said you’re going to call, you better make damn sure you do. If she can’t be with you, she needs to know you’re reliable and you’re always there for her. And you should expect the same in return. If neither of you are being very reliable about keeping in touch when you’re apart, it’s probably not going to work out at all.

Realise that it might not!

This is a hard one to get over, but it’s important to realise that it might not work. You, or your partner, may very well meet someone new. And there is nothing out there that can beat meeting someone you are attracted to physically and mentally, face to face. You can have all the cyber sex  you want with your current partner, but they’re just not there where you can touch them and feel their emotions, and share their life.

Let’s talk exclusivity

No-one wants to raise the question in these situations, but do you both want to see other people? It’s an important question. You may well be emotionally or otherwise bonded to one another, but sex is something else, and we all have desires, as our London massage girls will testify to. It’s worth a thought!

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