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Changing lifestyle: Benefits of being meat free

Another helpful health and fitness post from Tantric Touch London. This one is for all you guys who say you can’t go without your steak. We’ve all enjoyed a bit of meat from time to time, but do we really need it? Going meat free is becoming more and more popular these days, so just why are so many people doing it? Is it just the cruelty issue that’s forcing their hand, or can it really be better for you?

What are the concerns?

We know a number of tantric masseuses who are vegans and some vegetarians, so we’re pretty knowledgeable about these things. The main concern used to be that you couldn’t get the nutritional sustenance from a solely plant based diet. Of course, we’ve now discovered this to be a load of rubbish. This is partly because we’ve all become a lot more discerning and a lot more adventurous in the kitchen over the years. It’s all different now. Eating mainly a plant-based diet can actually significantly reduce your risk of a number of health issues.

Heart disease

Heart disease is one of them of course. Meat contains a lot of saturated fat and therefore it’s not advisable to eat much of it, especially as you get older. Veggies don’t eat half the amount of this stuff or cholesterol. Their diets appear to be packed full of most of the good stuff, so it must be a good idea right? More vitamins, fibre, potassium and loads of healthy “plant chemicals” that sound awful, but are actually great, like carotenoids and flavonoids. So you see, a vegetarian or a vegan will have a much lower cholesterol level and by extension lower blood pressure.


Good for your heart

We don’t have the time and space to go too far into the benefits of vegetarianism for your entire body, so we’ll stick with the heart for now. Let’s look at some alternatives to meat, that are also incredibly good for your heart.

High fibre foods, like grains etc. are good because it’s fibre that’s soluble and reduces cholesterol, keeping sugar levels healthy. Don’t get confused here when it comes to fibre and carbs. Bread, potatoes and other refined carbs are not good because they contain a lot of sugar, and in too great a quantity can be very bad.

Nuts are very good, and they contain plenty of fibre and protein. You have to be careful with these however, especially Brazil nuts and others like it, because they are quite calorific. It you’ve decided you’re not going to eat fish either, you may be interested to learn that walnuts are a great source of omega 3. It’s a bit of a trade off however, because obviously fish is the best source of this.

The big “C”

Vegetarians are less likely to be diagnosed with cancer that relates to their diet too. Excessive consumption of red meat is a known cause of colon cancer to begin with. Also, there are huge cancer preventative bonuses to be achieved by eating your five a day. All the vitamins in fruit and veg do a lot more than keep you regularly going to the toilet!

There you go… Another piece of valuable info from your favourite tantric providers in London

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