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Chatting up women 101

Following on from our last post about building your self-confidence, and enabling yourself to actually talk to women you’re interested in, we have another for you. This one is about chatting them up. Now that you have enough sand to approach them and talk to them, you need to know how to get their attention. Our sensual massage girls have excelled themselves yet again and come up with what we think is the definitive list!

Listen to your sensual massage angels

We want you to succeed with the women, we really do. Almost as much as we want you to book a sensual massage or two. We’re hoping that when you get this information from us, you’ll consider us a reliable and friendly source of information, and you’ll remember us when you fancy a rub down! Who else would you think of when you’re in the mood and you’re in London?

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Our definitive list

  1. Please don’t do chat up lines. They don’t really work, and unless they’re side splittingly funny, you’re going to fail.
  2. Smiling is important. If you’re going to approach a girl in a bar (or wherever), smile for goodness sake. Otherwise you just look like some kind of creepy guy.
  3. Don’t be inappropriate. Saying borderline rude and suggestive things to a woman isn’t going to work, unless she’s drunk. And guys, if she’s drunk, leave her alone, you don’t need that world on your doorstep!
  4. DIY! In other words, do it yourself. Do not, under any circumstances get your friend to go over to her and talk. Even if he is the most confident man on the planet. It makes you look like a child in the playground, and women simply aren’t attracted to cowards or underconfident men.
  5. If you’re attracted to her, tell her! Literally! It’s really worth it and it puts you out there as a risk taker and someone who has the confidence to say that to a woman. Follow it up by telling her that she looks interesting and you’ve been watching her all night etc.
  6. Don’t overthink it! This is one of the best that our sensual massage girls came up with in our opinion. How many of you have sat there and thought over the results of your approach over and over? Only to then watch her leave, or another guy move in on you. Get on with it!

So, we suppose the summary would actually be: don’t “chat her up,” contrary to the title of our article! Be yourself, get on with it and tell the girl you like her. If she shoots you down, hey, fuck it! At least you tried, and there are plenty more fish in the sea!

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