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The current state of London massages

London massagesWe’re talking about adult massages of course, not the type you’d get in the local beauty salon. Although our masseuses would know all about these, we’re pretty sure that the vast majority of you guys aren’t the remotest bit interested! What we are concerning ourselves with today is the current state of London massages in terms of what’s on offer and how good it actually is.

The “parlours”

We almost shudder as we read the word to be honest. Over the years London massages have been forced into these parlours, made dirty cheap and readily available. But there’s one reason for this of course. The vast majority of these places are basically brothels and not the type of places we’d like you to get yourself involved in really. We have a very select and discerning client list and we can only hope that the vast majority of you don’t go to these places. You could actually get into trouble going to these places if they provide sexual services and there are more than two girls working there at any one time. Apparently this is then classified as a brothel.

London massages in the parlours

Whilst some parlours will still do massages of course, the standard of your “massage” will most likely be very low indeed. We’re talking “a quick rub down and a happy ending,” here really. That’s about as good as it gets. This is nothing like the London massages you’ll get at a classy tantric massage agency like Tantric Touch London of course. We specialise in sensual massage and you get a thorough and truly wonderful massage service that focuses on a lot more than a climatic end!

Now, we won’t go all out and say that all massage parlours are bad. There may well be some that are good. We hear that some Thai massage parlours have some very talented staff for instance. However, the difference between a genuinely sensual tantric massage and a Thai massage is quite significant. These are two very different London massages. A Thai massage will move your body around and manipulate it in order to stretch etc. and most of our clients do not want to be moving around to be perfectly honest. They’d much rather that the masseuse they have chosen do all the sliding up and down!

Closing advice

So, basically speaking, if you want a tantric massage, use a reputable tantric massage agency that specialises in it. Don’t book a massage from an advert in a magazine or in the newspaper and try to avoid “parlours”!

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