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Discussion ideas for coffee shop meetings (chat-ups!)

London tantric massageWe like the idea of meeting people in coffee shops. This article is mainly about picking up girls of course, that’s what we like to help you with, but we also happen to think that just meeting people in general is a lovely thing to do. It’s good for the soul, with all that social interaction thing that’s so important too of course. Being in the London tantric massage business allows us to meet new people all the time (mostly men of course!)

The coffee

The coffee is always a good place to start. Or the hot chocolate, or whatever the other person is drinking/eating. You don’t have to be imposing, you can just be curious and mention it in passing. Perhaps you’re interested in a drink you’ve never tried and you heard it ordered at the counter? Well, you could use that as an excuse; or just comment on how good the coffee is (if it is indeed good!)


If you’re in a nice coffee shop they may be playing some decent music. Or it may be any music loud enough for you to comment on to the pretty girl sitting nearby. Believe us, we couldn’t count the amount of times that our London tantric massage girls have been chatted up in this way; they love it of course! We have a personal preference for jazz in these situations. It just seems to fit coffee shop culture. Café Nero are good for this style of music, and their coffee is really very good for a chain company. Beats the hell out of Starbucks and Costa anyway; but that’s not hard to do!

Jokes and small talk

We know it’s scraping the bottom of the barrel here, but there’s always the weather! It’s not enough to comment that it’s nice or grotty. You have to do better than that. Perhaps it’s similar to somewhere you’ve travelled to recently, or it’s going to effect you in a certain way etc. Make the weather interesting. Hell, you’re in England after all, that’s all you have learned to talk about!

When it comes to jokes and women, you’d better make sure it’s a good one and your timing is perfect. You don’t just walk up to a strange woman in a coffee shop and say “knock knock…” This is more of a “closer,” so to speak. You might want to get chatting first. And on behalf of our London tantric massage girls, once you get a woman laughing, you’re in! Just don’t push your luck!

Out London tantric massage girls love to chat

Or how about forgetting all about the coffee shop altogether? Who needs a place like that when you know that our girls love to talk and you can chat about whatever you like when you’re naked on her bed! Not that you’ll want to do much chatting of course. So, do yourself a favour and call  us for the very best London tantric massage in the city.

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