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Don’t let London turn you sour! Talk to people.

You know how people always complain about how insular and rude Londoners are? Or how they don’t talk to people etc.? Well, it is a choice you know! No-one has to be like that. They’re only that way because everyone else is. Isn’t it time to break the mould? Take a lesson from our tantric massage girls. They’re always meeting people and getting intimate with them, so they kind of need to be sociable. Thing is though, they choose to be like this, even when they’re not working too. It’s just the type of women they are. And this is why they get picked to be tantric massage girls with us! We insist on the best!

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So talk to someone!

You don’t have to approach a stranger on the street, or pester someone on a busy tube. Start small and start a conversation on the train as it leaves London perhaps? Chances are they’re going home, so they’ll be reasonably happy about that! And if you do it, this way you have them trapped until their stop! We’re kidding of course. If they’re not into it, don’t pester them.

People are friendly

You might just be surprised at the response you get, and the world will be that little bit happier because you did. On top of that, you may even make a new friend or better. You rarely meet the “love of your life” (if there is such a thing) in a nightclub or pub when you’re both out drinking. No, it’s usually in a quite random place like a train or a shop. It simply doesn’t happen like it does in the movies, no, you’re right, but it doesn’t happen by never speaking to anyone either.

It’s not always about finding a lover

We realise this is a tantric massage blog, but meeting people isn’t all about developing romantic relationships, it’s often just about people and cheering your own and another’s day. The power of socialising is a truly wonderful thing, you should try it out.

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