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Don’t listen to the “Naysayers” – don’t even tell them (about your tantric massage!)

tantric massageTantric massage is still quite an acquired taste would you believe? There are plenty of people who believe you shouldn’t indulge yourself because it’s “dirty,” “seedy,” “inappropriate,” “exploitative,” and any other number of ridiculous claims they care to come up with. We’re here to tell you that it’s all nonsense of course, and it’s primarily given to you by a bunch of self-righteous people who have never even experienced a tantric massage in their life. How can anyone make judgements about things like this without at least trying it?

If we listened to the “naysayers” and those who passed judgement on things they’d never tried, none of us would have experienced anything of any interest at all. Can you imagine what some of our friends and family would have said if we told them that we wanted to pursue a career in the London tantric massage business? Most of the young ladies who work with us at Tantric Touch London do not tell their friends and family what they do for work. This is simply because they know they would be met with a barrage of disapproval and judgement. They do have a close, select group of friends who know what they do and this is sufficient (mainly other masseuses!) They all manage to keep it to themselves because they mostly do it part-time. It’s much more of a pleasure to the girls at Tantric Touch than it is an actual “job!”

Your tantric massage secret is safe

So, if you want to keep your tantric massage habit a secret, that’s totally your choice. You won’t find any of us divulging it to anyone, that’s for sure. But if you do by any chance reveal you’ve had a massage to one of your friends, don’t let them judge you for a second, or say anything negative about it. Chances are they’ll be jealous anyway! Even if you have yet to experience a tantric massage, it’s better to take advice and opinion from someone who has had one, rather than be put off by someone who knows nothing. And always remember that it’s incredibly important to find things out yourself and satisfy your own curiosity!

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