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Don’t tolerate bad tantric massage practices!

There are plenty of mistakes that can be made in the word of tantric massage. In fact, there are plenty of mistakes you can make doing any sort of massage. We thought it would be nice to share some of the experience we have with bad massage agencies and masseuses. If you spot any of the following, you know you’re not getting what you’re paying for…

  • Discomfort. Tantric massage professionals are expected to provide an environment where you can fully relax, if you’re going for an incall booking. If it’s dirty or untidy in any way, you don’t have to tolerate it. There have been tales of clients turning up for a tantric massage incall booking where others have been in the flat for goodness sake! The masseuse has obviously been sharing an apartment and other people have been in there making noise, and sometimes even in the same room! Other stories we’ve heard are of occasions where there has been a bed made available, but it’s been too short to fully stretch out and relax on. Leave if you see any of this.
  • Poor hygiene. Yes, it does happen. You’ve made the effort to make sure you’re clean and smelling nice, only to be met by a tantric massage provider who has clearly just climbed out of bed and hasn’t bothered to shower, never mind make herself look nice.
  • Not supplying what they said they would. This is why you need to book with a reputable tantric massage agency. If you book with us for example, you can count on the masseuse doing whatever we said she’d do. Sadly, this problem is more common in independent masseuses, who often say they’ll give you this and that, and then simply not bother doing it.
  • Unprofessional attitude. Although we like to pride ourselves on the laid back nature of all our tantric massage choices, and indeed all the masseuses, there is a level of professionalism that needs to be maintained. We have heard stories about masseuses who have taken phone calls in the middle of massages, left the room, and just generally not paid any attention to their client at all. A good tantric massage professional should make you the focal point of her existence for the duration of your appointment.
  • Not doing a good enough job. If you’ve had one of those tantric massages where it feels as though the girl is hardly touching you, never mind working your muscles and making you feel good, we really do feel for you. Sadly, this is a common problem with bad practice masseuses. They will either fail to massage you everywhere they should, not do it firmly and sensually enough, or simply cut their massage off early. This isn’t acceptable in any way at all. If this happens to you, you should contact the agency as soon as you get the time and complain. If she’s an independent tantric masseuse, you can’t do much other than review her on an independent website. It’s often only through resources like this that we can all make sure these type of “professionals” stop delivering a bad service!

Get a real tantric massage with Tantric Touch London

We do hope we haven’t put you off by telling you all that! Here at Tantric Touch London, we think it’s important to let you know about some of the bad things you could experience, and what to do if you experience them. You will never get this sort of treatment from any of the girls or guys who work with us here. We make sure they’re at the very top of their game; we accept nothing less than the best!

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