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Don’t wear shorts!

tantric massageAlright here goes. We know it’s controversial, and we may offend some of you, but quite frankly it’s time someone told you. Men don’t look good in shorts unless they’re at the beach or playing sports. There, we said it! Don’t hold it against us. We know what we like at this tantric massage agency, and although we love you all, we just know that not all of you suit shorts!

The old days

We’re thinking about the days of Cary Grant. Suits, hats, neat haircuts, ties and overcoats etc. That’s the look a man should have, it’s timeless. Not specifically of course, we are in this century! You may think our tantric massage professionals are a tad old fashioned, but these truly gentlemanly looking individuals only wore shorts on the tennis court because that’s where they belonged! And they certainly wouldn’t have worn those god awful cargo shorts that are too long for their legs! We know that times change of course, but couldn’t you go for some nice summer, loose linen trousers or something in order to keep cool?

The exception to the rule

As with anything else, there is always an exception to the rule, and there is indeed one here. We know that all our tantric massage girls will firmly agree when we tell you this. The exception to this rule is of course when the man in question is literally beautiful, muscular and toned. In which case he should wear shorts all the time, even in winter in our opinion! On top of this, they should be the tightest shorts that they can find. Who said we can’t indulge in eye candy too? It’s not just you that gets turned on by seeing us naked, we like it when you get your kit off too!

Call Tantric Touch London today – perhaps you’ll get some fashion tips when you visit one of the girls!

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