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Expanding Male Sexual Awareness, Part II

There are numerous fears or psychological road blocks that can restrict a man’s sexual thoughts, feelings and interactions. He may not even be aware of them or he may be overwhelmed by the notion that he cannot ‘make the grade’ for any partner with whom he might engage in an intimate encounter.

The good news is that such limitations can be overcome. An experienced Tantrica knowledgeable about the male psyche and anatomy can assist a man in dissolving obstacles that impair his sexuality. Using particular tantric massage techniques and practices that heighten his self-esteem and open doors to new sensual frontiers, a Tantric goddess will introduce him to a new kind of ecstasy he never thought possible.

This article is the second in a series that explores male sexual well-being with the first one exploring male sexual conciousness.

The essential nature of Tantra is one of a spiritual practice

Neotantra is a modern variation of Tantra and incorporates methods of sexual practice that revolve around subtle energies of one’s sensual embodiment. Through the Tantric and Neotrantric practices, many issues that hinder or block a man’s ability to fully experience sexuality are naturally dissolved.

A Neotantric goddess possesses secret, sacred methods known only to her, passed down from practitioners through oral tradition. Because Tantric love is not about reaching any specific goal, a man is freed of the pressure to ‘achieve’ or perform. In a sense, ego is released and replaced by a deep, intimate and organic connection between him and his goddess.

Tantric love is without pressure

When a man is worried about his performance, the ebb and flow of intimate thoughts and desires become blocked. Such condition is known as performance anxiety. Eventually, his avoidance of sexual encounters triggers a cycle of lower self-esteem, relationship turbulence and even sexual dysfunction.

He gets so caught up in the anxiety itself that he loses focus of the intimate interaction which in turn causes the very failure that is feared. When he does make love, his self-consciousness about every detail creates a sense of awkwardness leaving himself and/or his partner unsatisfied and frustrated. Feelings of inadequacy can result in avoidance of his partner all together breeding resentment and disconnect.

Improving erectile quality

The possible causes of erectile dysfunction (that are not directly related to the penis itself) can be attributed to a variety of physiological or psychological reasons:

  • Physical health – poor diet, lack of exercise, bad sleep habits, low testosterone (see andropause below), hypertension
  • Psychological – stress, anxiety, financial worries, lack of interest in a partner

The Tantric experience is about enjoying pleasurable feelings during which a man’s erection may naturally come and go which is expected and perfectly acceptable. When a man is liberated in his mind of the expectation that he must maintain an erection his erection tends to last longer.

A Tantric goddess is highly skilled in touching a man

Because male and female bodies are so physiologically different, it is important that each must understand the other. Many women attempt to please their men with uncertainty based upon assumptions of their needs. As a result, many men are uncomfortable communicating their desires and feel embarrassed showing or describing to their partners ‘how to do it’.

A Tantrica is versed in the knowledge of a man’s anatomy, his genitalia and surrounding erogenous zones. She will teach him how to relax and receive through Lingam or anal massage. When working with couples, she may teach both how to satisfy each other.

Addressing Male Menopause

A wavering libido can be due to something called andropause which is the male version of women’s menopause. Some doctors refer to it as androgen deficiency of the aging male. There is a good chance that men in their 50s and 60s have heard of andropause. After the age of 30, a man’s testosterone decreases at about 1% per year. This shift can cause gradual decreases in physical, emotional and psychological health.

Unlike female menopause, andropause can take decades to set in. Low testosterone can be reflected by decreased energy, fatigue, depression and insomnia. A Tantrica’s focus is to enhance pleasure by increasing the flow of sexual energy and cultivating ecstatic consciousness. Orgasm tends to follow naturally and on multiple levels restoring a man’s sense of well-being.

Passion, tenderness and sensitivity all play into the Tantric experience

Using a variety of meditation and massage techniques, a Tantrica will awaken a man’s instinctive libido and transport him to a higher spiritual plane. Full body orgasms are not uncommon. Working with all of the chakras, her techniques will cultivate a more fulfilling sexual and loving relationship of the self.

Tantric love is readily available

The Western world has embraced the Tantric practice as one dimension of a spiritual path devoted and dedicated to awareness, the supreme flow of the sacred life force itself. The fundamental bases of Tantra and Neotantra provide an environment in which a man’s sexual energy is heightened to levels that he may have never experienced. This sacred unity of love is openly and lovingly offered by committed Tantric goddesses right here at Tantric Touch London.

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