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The finest City of London sensual massage – Grace is back! Well… almost back!

For those of you that remember our american beauty Chloe? Well, we’ve managed to find a carbon copy of that sensual sweetheart! Grace is very keen to introduce herself to you all, so get your calls in now for one this City of London sensual massage expert! Believe us when we say that Grace has been handling men for long enough to know exactly which buttons to press and when. She specialises in prolonged sensual experiences and has absolute control.

City of London sensual massage technique

“It’s all in the breathing,” apparently, or so we’re told (we happen to think it’s a lot to do with hands too of course!). But Grace isn’t saying things like this to be boastful you must understand, it really is an art. This will sound familiar to those of you who are familiar with the art of tantric massage, but to those who have yet to experience it, it’s something that’s actually quite hard to describe in words alone. A sensual massage with Grace is about as close to spiritual you’re going to get with a naked woman.

She will attune her own breathing to suit the pace of the massage and eventually, you’ll begin to feel as though she is in complete control of your body. As she builds slowly to the inevitable, blissful conclusion of your massage, she will use her breathing technique to set the pace in an attempt to control the precise moment of release. This is an experience not to be missed, and you’re certainly going to want to feel her breath on your neck as she slides her body over yours.

You can book a City of London sensual massage with Grace now by simply calling us. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions if you have any, and you will always find our friendly reception staff ready and highly efficient at dealing with your booking request.


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