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Getting into shape this year: The sensual massage way

We’ve given you these sort of helpful updates before of course, but there’s no harm in updating what we tell you. The fact that sensual massage is beneficial to keeping fit doesn’t need any updating of course, but there are a number of new places we’re recommending to punish your body in!

We are of course talking about the gym. Yes, the dreaded word everyone fears on the commencement of a new year. Gym memberships will now be sky rocketing, but which are the best to choose from in London at the moment. Read on to get our expert opinion.

We do know what we’re talking about

You may think that London tantric massage specialists don’t know anything about gyms, but you’d be wrong. Consider if you will the amount of men we see during the space of a week (or even a day!) We do talk to you guys you know, and we do notice when you’re a little more toned than usual. So it’s a natural talking point between masseuse and client. “Where do you work out?”

  • Blok London – The thing we love about Blok is that it’s very fashionable indeed. If you’re a guy working out here, you’re likely to see lots of hot women. But this works both ways, which is why we like it. It has equally as many hot men in there! It’s like a gym for beautiful people really, but it’s certainly functional. The equipment is laid out in a lovely atmosphere, not unlike an art gallery really. In fact you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re in a gallery when it’s not very busy. There are some great classes to try out too: HIIT, yoga, spinning etc. and it’s not over-priced.
  • KX Gym – They’re not just into gyms these guys, they’re into spas and restaurants too. You’ll see when you go to the website. The best thing about KX is the equipment and the variety of different classes they have on offer. If you’re one of those gym goers who needs to be doing something different all the time to keep your interest, this is the place for you.
  • Core Collective – It’s a real social occasion when you work out at Core Collective. Not only is it great to catch up with your mates, it’s also great to meet new people. This is because you don’t have to pay a sign-up fee, and this means you’ll get many random gym goers dropping in for an odd session all the time. When you’ve finished your workout you can go upstairs and chat with friends over some nice healthy snacks and some coffee to boost your metabolism!

So, there you go, there’s no reason not to get in shape this year. And don’t forget that when you’ve finished your workout, have a shower and book a London tantric massage to ease those stressed muscles. When you get a massage after working out, your body will heal faster and your muscles will rebuild stronger than ever. Not to mention that you’ll leave us with a smile very firmly implanted on your face!

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