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Hot magic yoga experience

A couple of evenings ago I got an email request from a client that informed me that he was going to have a Bikram yoga session, which is also called hot yoga, just around the corner from Old Street station and then wanted come for a lovely relaxing tantric massage the next day and he asked me if we had a nearby location!? And it so happened to be that one of our ladies works just next to Old Street station so basically 3 minutes from his class, how handy! So he made the booking and that was it but the whole ‘hot yoga’ thing really caught my attention, what a great idea I thought… Let’s try.

So I booked myself in to attend a class and hallelujah did I get the shock of my life :). All these (half) naked gorgeous people were all standing in this extremely hot, sauna like, room with determined faces and vigorous looks in their eyes, wow, like sexual soldiers waiting to fight, I was hooked even before starting the class and even better it got as it turns out that you have to ‘bend over’ quite a lot to do some glorious poses and bendy moves so obviously one gets a good and close look of the action in front of you, blink. The only minor warning that has to be mentioned is… if you don’t focus on the actual yoga and get distracted by all the good stuff in your surroundings it can be as unfortunate that you most likely will fall and then you can count yourself as ‘busted’ :). That clearly happened to me, such a little piglet I am. Anyway to cut a long story short it was an incredible experience and I very much enjoyed this dazzling kind of yoga and the nudity that we seldom find anywhere in England, as we all know it is a very conservative country! (apart from the strip pubs in every street corner lol). So people go and try www.fiercegrace.com and why don’t try the studio that is located just next to Old Street station just to repeat a wonderful idea that resulted in me going completely crazy for this fantastic form of art (of naked bodies).

It will take you literally 3-5 minutes to walk from Old Street station to Fierce grace city studio that is based on 53-55 East Road in N1, just passed the roundabout, remarkably easy to find.

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