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How to date a co-worker

London tantric massageWe’re all about the advice here at Tantric Touch London, as some of you will already know. We’re not saying that we’re GQ Magazine or anything, but running a London tantric massage agency certainly puts you in touch with what men want and the type of advice they need.

Dating a girl at work

We’ve all had a fantasy about dating that hot girl we work with right? If you haven’t, then you probably work in the wrong place! Your fantasies will probably involve stationary cupboards or office parties no doubt, but we won’t go into that just now. Let’s talk about the probability of it happening, how well it will go and just what you’re going to get out of it. You may have to ask yourself a series of questions.

  • Has she flirted with you? This is the first step of course. There’s no point in putting it all on the line if she’s not even interested. If you’re not a total idiot, you should be able to tell whether or not she’s interested in you. If she hasn’t shown any sign at all, then grow up and get over your own crush; it isn’t going to happen.
  • How much do you love your job? Does your workplace frown upon such things? This is the other question that goes alongside. If you don’t particularly care about your job, then it’s worth striking things up. But only do this if you genuinely don’t care about work. If you have an apartment to pay rent on, or you have others who you are responsible for, it’s just stupid to risk that if your boss is going to get nasty about it. If you get the sack you can always have a London tantric massage to ease the pain!
  • Why do you want to get off with a work colleague anyway? Another good question. If it’s because she’s simply so hot you couldn’t not ask her out, then we feel for you and you probably should because you won’t get another shot (but refer to the first two questions!) If it’s because you just don’t go out after work to meet people or have any other social outlet, get yourself a life first perhaps? It’s just an idea! She’s not going to be interested in some weird guy who never interacts with others anyway is she?

How to go about it

If you’re good to go, here’s what you do:

  • Sort your wardrobe out. Dress like you want to impress her at work.
  • Be more sociable. Not just with her, but with everyone at work. Be that guy that people like to talk to in the morning when they get in. Smile!
  • Be upbeat. Don’t ever get into that slagging off the boss or co-worker team. Be the one who looks for the positives during the negative times. She’ll see that.
  • Ask her out. Quickly! If she’s as good as you think she is, and she’s already flirted with you, ask her out! Go out with some of the others after work and find excuses to be alone.

If all else fails book a London tantric massage

There you go, there’s the upsell! We had to didn’t we? If you’re getting sexually frustrated at work by this cheeky young woman who keeps flirting with you, but you don’t want to act, release your frustration with us. We have plenty of young masseuses who will relax you and leave you well ready to go back to work and face this temptress!

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