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How to get the most out of your London massage

It’s not just about where you go and who does your massage.  It depends greatly on these things, but there are actually things you can do yourself to optimise your London massage experience.  We have taken the liberty of sharing some top tips…

There’s a big difference between having a London massage and having a London massage experience!  Of course we offer one of the best services in the city and come highly recommended, but still, we thought it prudent to help you maximise your time and make it more of a treat!

Relax during your London massage

It might sound a bit silly telling you this, but it’s very important.  What we would like to emphasise more than anything is your breathing.  Make sure your breathing is normal and relaxed during your massage and try not to think about it too much.  When you are able to breath calmly, your muscles will be relaxed, you will oxygenate your blood and your masseuse can do her best work during this time.  Undoubtedly you will become enormously relaxed during your massage of course.

Work out before, not after your London massage experience

If you’re an avid gym goer, make sure that you schedule your workout for before your massage, and make sure if you’re hitting the weights pretty hard that you leave your body at least 12 hours to recover.  If you’re a regular gym goer and give yourself light workouts most days, then your body will be much more used to the punishment; therefore you will not usually have to wait as long.  It’s important to concentrate on recovery time.  Whilst we don’t profess to be experts on how each of you choose to work out and just how hard you do it, we do know that ensuring you give your muscles chance to recover is essential.  Physiologically your muscles will have been torn and damaged by your workout and it’s the recovery time, and subsequent massage that helps them to rebuild.

London massage - be clean!Have a warm shower

Whenever possible, have a warm shower before your massage.  Not only does this make sure you smell nice for the massage therapist that’s going to be rubbing her hands or body all over yours, it’s good for you too.  The warm water will relax your muscles and as you become more physically relaxed, your mind will follow.  It makes everything else so much easier if you’re feeling relaxed.

Drink plenty when you’re finished

There’s a lot to hydrate when you consider the human body, and your muscles are included.  During the massage your muscles will be moved around in much the same way as a workout, only without the stress and damage.  However, they will need to be rehydrated and it will help reduce any post massage aches you get as your body adjusts to its new and improved state.

Get regular massage!

Which brings us on to your final tip.  Make sure you get a London massage regularly.  Your body will become accustomed to when it’s due to have a massage and eventually you will reduce the chance of any post massage ache to zero and your body and mind will significantly improve, not least because of the renewed and healthier blood circulation.

We hope you found this interesting… Please give us a call at your convenience to book an appointment.


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