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Tips for Couples to Improve Intimacy through Tantric Massage

intimacy through tantric massage

Intimacy through tantric massage is one of the most effective ways most couples will tell you nourishes their love life. It’s not always about getting physical. However, there are many other things that couples can do to take their intimacy to a new level. It can be emotional, intellectual, or even spiritual intimacy.

Tantric massage should never be left out whenever any of those levels of intimacy are mentioned. Remember the rule of the thumb; when trying to develop intimacy, there shouldn’t be a time limit, and sex is not a priority.

Apart from intimacy through tantric massage, here are other things that couples could try to boost their intimacy level;

Bath together

Try and get a bubble bath together with your partner and get to enjoy the soul-nourishing scents of the bath ritual with bath salts that are added for ambiance. There are no limits; you could turn off the bathroom lights and light up some candles. Play some cool music to supplement the mood. Such a cozy moment will let your partner know that you love him/her and that you cherish every moment that you spend together.

Wash each other

Washing each other allows you to feel your spouse’s tantric touch. The lady can lean against the man and let him hold her. The lady should feel free to guide the man’s touch and vice versa. Declare your love for each other once again in such an environment. Telling your loved one how much you love him/her is essential if you want to improve intimacy through tantric massage at home. After showering together, extend the intimacy by mopping each other dry with a towel.


Spare a moment for cuddling alone. Cuddling can be under the blanket or over. Either way, remember sex is not the goal here. Whisper sweet words to your partner’s ears or read some poetic lines to each other.  Tell each other how much your partner means to you. You can even achieve a greater level of intimacy through a tantric massage cuddle. Cuddling is a good time to let yourself be vulnerable with your partner and let them know that you trust them with your whole body.

One of the most sensual things you can do to build intimacy is to give each other a massage. It could be anything from a shoulder massage to a full body back massage. It helps you learn to enjoy your partner’s touch.

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