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Keep your Thai, Swedish and hot stone massage! Get a hot tantric massage

We can’t be too harsh on those other massages however, we’re big advocate of all type of massage therapy, they’re just nothing like tantric massage! The beauty of getting a tantric massage is that in some cases you actually gain the benefits you would get from these others at the same time. A really good masseuse will ensure you’re well and truly rubbed down from head to toe anyway!

tantric massage

Swedish and Thai massage variations

Some tantric massage therapists incorporate Swedish techniques. The rubbing of the main muscle groups and the long strokes aimed to align with the client’s blood flow in the direction of their heart etc. is actually quite a sensual technique, as well as relaxing. This is especially so when your masseuse is naked of course! Thai massage concentrates a little more on mind, body and spirit. It’s also based on healing energies, and there’s a lot of this in tantric massage too. There is a manipulative side to some Thai massage too, depending on where you go and how intense the therapy is, but don’t worry, our tantric massage therapists won’t be bending your leg into positions it’s not used to being in!

They’re all stress busters

All the massages we’ve mentioned, and indeed those we haven’t, are all excellent stress busters. Just massage the back, neck and shoulders is enough to relieve tension headaches and quieten the mind etc. Certain aromatic oils are often helpful here too. Besides, what’s more relaxing than a tantric massage?

Our tantric massage girls

Every one of the girls we represent at Tantric Touch London has a different way of performing their sensual massages. However, you will find elements of all types of different massages in their technique. The girls have histories in the art of massage, in many different areas. Some of the girls have even come from therapeutic massage backgrounds.

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