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Learning to get in touch with yourself: The sex magic of tantric massage

tantric massageNow before any of you go off on one and think that we’re providing a sexual service, we’re not. We are tantric massage therapists and any sexual pleasure experienced by our clients is as a result of our tantric massage practices. It’s expected yes, but it’s not the aim! We practice tantric massage on men and women and we’re very good at it, to say the very least!

Sex magic?

Well, we’re pretty sure that the liberated, polyamorous young lady who has been in the news lately would agree with us. Rather oddly named as the “Sex Witch” by the Daily Mail, her actual name is Victoria Louise Smith and she and her partner have started a series of “masturbation circles” and other sessions that have enabled their clients to better connect with themselves and others sexually.

She encourages people to:

“…Come and help rid our society of shame and taboo around sexuality and come back to your own erotic innocence…”

Louise encourages her clients to experience all they can at her sessions, including the pursuit of potential partners who can satisfy them both sexually and emotionally. A weird speed dating group we confess, but very liberated; and that gets our seal of approval to begin with. There is indeed an emotional bond that can grow between those who enjoy the same type of sensations, both sexual and otherwise. And sex has always been the big healer!

Tantric massage – spiritual bond

Tantric massage has always been about a strong emotional and spiritual connection with yourself and your therapist. It allows you to recognise just how sensitive your body is and how you can become stimulated in a variety of different ways. An orgasm experienced during a tantric massage will be arguably the best orgasm you will ever have; and one that’s hard to beat. Most people who have used tantric massage services have gone on to become more in touch with themselves and their bodies, and better lovers too. This has enabled them to get closer to their partners and themselves. In much the same way we’d imagine, to how “the Sex Witch” enables her clients we suppose.

We’re not witches, but we are very good tantric massage therapists

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