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It’s the little things that count with the ladies!

You know by now that our tantric massage professionals know what they’re talking about when it comes to men. On top of this, they also know what they like! Now, it’s important to remind you before you read these little tips, they’re not going to work on our girls. Our girls are professional and they don’t mess around with their clients under any circumstances.

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What follows is a list of things that really count with the ladies. Not just things they like, or things that you know work when you’re trying to pick them up. These things are real deal breakers! You’ll find that they’re mostly for guys that have a girlfriend already, so keep it fresh and alive gents!


We’re sure you’ve heard this before, maybe even on our tantric massage blog! A compliment can go a long way with the ladies. If she means something to you and you really like something about her, for goodness sake, in the words of Billy Joel “tell her about it!” Even the little things count, like the shade of her nail polish. If you like it, say it. You have no idea how long she would have taken picking that shade out from the masses on her dressing table!

Notice things

This is something that our tantric massage angels were very adamant about. You should notice when your girl changes something. For example, she may be wearing her hair in a different way, she may have coloured it differently, or she may have changed something else entirely. Be vigilant and take notice of your woman.


Sounds silly we know, but again, it’s the little things. If you send her a message in the morning, just to say “good morning,” it’s always going to be appreciated. It might not mean much to you if you get one, but to her, it will no doubt mean the world. Also, text her when you miss her, at any time.

Know things!

It’s important to know things about your girl. It’s all about paying attention, as we mentioned earlier. But take it a step further. If you know her favourite music, put it on when you’re in the car. Remember what she was doing on a particular day and ask her how it went, before she begins to talk about it. It’s little things like this that help her know that you care about her. And all women really want is care and consideration gents. It’s not that hard to accomplish is it?

You don’t need to thank us!

Here at Tantric Touch London, we are happy to help out. We know that it’s hard being a man these days and most of you could use all the help you can get! Have fun and be good. And if you can’t be good, book one of our girls!

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