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Our London tantric massage angels describe gentlemen

London tantric massageIt’s time some guys learned how to transform themselves from simple “guys” to real gentlemen! Our London tantric massage girls are here to tell you exactly what they think and how they judge a man to be a gentleman.

It’s not all about the look!

Anyone can put on a suit and look like James Bond, it’s not that difficult to tell the truth. But how can you explain those guys that don’t have the suit, but still have the women? They’re gentlemen and they know a lot more than you think. If course, looking good is something that all our London tantric massage professionals all agree on, but your look doesn’t have to be tailored and cost thousands!

London tantric massage girls make their list

Here’s a list of what came up when we talked about this issue at great length over lunch. We really did by the way!

  • Has an eclectic taste in music, but nothing that’s too young for him.
  • Has a regular florist
  • Has a preferred jeweller
  • Holds open the door for everyone, not just women
  • Walks on the outside of the pavement
  • Is confident enough to talk to anyone and doesn’t judge
  • Doesn’t talk too much
  • Is a good listener
  • Is not self-deprecating
  • Doesn’t wear pants with someone’s name on them
  • Looks after his body
  • Doesn’t use fake tan
  • Doesn’t use emojis
  • Looks at people when he talks to them
  • Doesn’t overdo his aftershave
  • Only uses his phone as a phone and not something to distract him

How many boxes do you tick out of that little lot? If you’re struggling to understand them then according to our London tantric massage girls, you have a major problem! Take it from the girls, they know what they’re talking about. They can have their choice of men you know, they get hit on all the time. But true gentlemen are very rare indeed. There was a lot more that came up at our little meeting, but these are just the most popular.

We’d like to add one to the list. A true gentleman obviously understands the virtues of a good London tantric massage!

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