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London tantric massage for those who don’t want to cheat!

London tantric massageLet’s talk about monogamy shall we? We may have touched this subject before, but it’s one that’s close to the liberal hearts of our Little London tantric massage team, and one we feel we need to talk about at length.

Some men feel like it’s important. And to be honest, we don’t want to disrespect that in any way at all. If you feel like getting a London tantric massage is “cheating” on your partner, then we totally understand what you mean and wouldn’t dream of telling you that you are wrong. But that’s just it you see, it’s not actually a rule or a law, and it’s not written into human DNA or anything like that, it is literally just an opinion and a choice. We believe that some people only feel this way about London tantric massage because they’re conditioned into thinking it.

For those who don’t believe it’s cheating

You guys have convinced yourself that because you’re not actually having any intercourse with another woman, that anything else if fine and not cheating. If this is what you think, then we’re with you in much the same way as we respect those that don’t. Again, it’s a choice. It’s a more liberal choice, and personally we would commend you, but it’s just your choice.

Minding your own business!

So given that these are individual choices, made by those with freedom to choose what they want to do, and the fact that they are not exploiting anyone in the least, it would be prudent for anyone else to mind their own business right?

Tell us about your London tantric massage experience

We’d like to take this opportunity to get to know a few of you a little better. If you fancy it, why not take our three question survey so we can better understand our clients. That’s the key to good business so they say. Besides, it might be fun!

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