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Look after your body and your mind will take care of itself

Have you ever heard that before? If not, we’re happy to have told you. With such a dramatic increase in people being concerned about their mental well-being, it becomes important to share hints and tips to improve your state of mind. Tantric massage is all about wellness and balance, and it’s a remarkable way of keeping mentally healthy, so we do know quite a lot about the subject

Taking care of your mind

The way people are taking a little time and consideration for their state of mind is very encouraging indeed. It’s well past time that mental health issues were no longer a taboo subject. People need to be liberated and recognise things like stress and anxiety (along with many other conditions) as serious conditions that need treatment.

Let your body do some of the work

Self-help books, seminars, talking to counsellors etc. are all fantastic approached to taking care of your mind, but you’d be surprised at just how much a little TLC for your body can do too. If you’re a regular reader of our tantric massage blog, you’ll already know how much we champion a good fitness regime, but we always like to reassert the necessity from time to time. We can shame all you guys that stopped working out after our last post!

Small steps

You don’t have to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, in order to make a difference. It’s your mind we’re looking after here. It’s more about increasing your confidence and making you feel good about yourself. That should be your aim. And for some people, simply switching their cab journey for a walk is enough to make them feel good about themselves.

  • Walk more
  • Get the bike out the shed!
  • Do a few strength exercises at home each day – perhaps build up your push ups?
  • If you feel brave and strong enough, join a gym!

Actual physical change

And of course, with actual physical change and exertion (no matter how much), you will increase your heart rate. This will improve the flow of blood to your brain as well as your other organs and muscles, and you will increase the production of endorphins, the body’s “feel good” hormones. You can’t go wrong!

Top it all off with tantric massage

Feel good hormones don’t get any better than those that come out to play during a tantric massage! Getting a sensual massage from our London City professionals is a highly spiritual experience too. If you haven’t had one yet, you really should try!

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