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Make 2017 the year you impress the ladies!

London tantric massageSome more of those Tantric Touch London tips for you today. You know we can tell you a lot about women and we know you well enough by now! So have a little read what our tantric massage angels have to say and don’t be single for too long!

The start of a new year is a relatively silly thing really, when you think about it. You can make the beginning of a new year, or in this case a new start, practically anytime you like. However, when everyone sees it in together and they all start making resolutions, it does tend to make it an appropriate time. So, let’s stick to one resolution shall we? Helping you find a woman!

Make yourself a better a man

The London tantric massage professionals we represent here are all very good friends and we know everyone personally of course. It’s like one big happy family. So we have a good idea about what you can do to improve your chance.

Becoming a better man isn’t as hard as it sounds you know. There are many things you can do that won’t take a lot of your time. Today we’re going to concentrate on one area: your appearance. We’re going to break this into two points: your body and what you wear. Two very easy things to start with. If you’ve got a bad attitude, we’ll work on that later! There’s only so much a bunch of tantric massage girls can do for you!

Dress better

It’s time to throw out the old suit and get a new one. You’ve probably been wearing it for over a year, or even longer, so time to update! There’s more you can do.

  • Take advice on your look – Subscribe to some fashion sources. You don’t have to be bombarded by them, you could follow GQ or something like that. This way you’ll get a few tips on your look as well as some other cool stuff that you’ll be interested in. There’s also a great site called Thread where you can have your own personal designer who will recommend items of clothing for your wardrobe. Check it out.
  • Shoes – You may not think they’re important, but they are. Women notice things like this. Get some new shiny shoes and make sure those you already have are in good condition and well cleaned.

Take care of your body

Its 2017 gentlemen. People don’t smoke and binge drink anymore, they look after themselves. Here’s a few extra things you could be doing, courtesy of our tantric massage pros:

  • Get some exercise – No, we don’t necessarily mean hitting the gym like a lunatic, that’s not necessary at all. If you don’t already get this sort of exercise, hitting the gym could actually do you more harm than good. Start out by trading up those cab journeys for walking. Yes, we know it’s cold, but you’ll even save a few quid and get to see a little more of London! And you can walk to one of our incall tantric massage locations too of course!
  • Bodyweight exercises – These are dead easy and they’ll have you noticing some muscle tone in no time. Start slow with what you can do. 1-5 press ups a day will soon turn into 50! We know what we’re talking about and our tantric massage professionals have even seen these transformations in their regular clients.

Get tantric massages in London

Yes, of course we had to say this at the end. Come on! We’ve just given you some golden advice there. The least we could do is get away with a blatant plug!

And the women will follow!

You can bet your bottom that once you start making a few lifestyle changes, the women will be more interested. You get a new suit and get yourself out and about a little more, then you’ll find those old chat up lines might actually work!

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