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Male Sexual Consciousness, Part I

A man who learns to increase pleasure for himself and his lover is free to make love without feeling the pressure to ejaculate. Through the guided assistance of a Tantrica, a man can reach a refined level of lovemaking by expanding his sensitivity and awareness. When this expanded state of consciousness is reached, multiple and full-body orgasms can be achieved without actually ejaculating. The benefits of full-body orgasms are many. This article is the first in a series that explores male sexuality.

Sanctifying the sacred spot

In the Tantric philosophy, the sacred spot is referred to as a man’s emotional sex center. It is the male G-spot known as the prostate gland. It is one thing for a man to pleasure himself and his partner or simply bring personal relief. It is quite another to learn about and achieve the highest ecstasy possible. In the company and guidance of a Tantrica, channeling this sexual energy up through the spine to the highest center of the brain is known as Kundalini.

Maintain well being with a healthy prostate

From a health standpoint, psychological tension is released when ejaculation occurs, thereby reducing feelings of nervousness associated with stress. As a result, potential cancer cells can be reduced. Rapid turnover of fluids is in effect, “cleaning house” of the prostate. Scientists have determined that there is a direct link between ejaculation and a lowered risk of prostate cancer. Ejaculation as a result of frequent sexual activity may flush out cancer-causing substances from the prostate glands. A relaxed man is one who is healthy and happy!

The hidden male sex center

More than one third of the male person is hidden inside the body. It is the base of this hidden organ that when stimulated in concert with the rest of the male erotic anatomy can be overwhelmingly pleasurable. The psychological high that results from prostate massage is quite powerful, resulting in a mental euphoria greater than any other form of sensual stimulation. While this relationship between the male as the receiver and his Tantric goddess as the giver may be considered somewhat submissive on his part, it is actually quite empowering and liberating for the man. Such a give and take interaction is profoundly sacred and to be cherished by both. More and more men are partaking in this enlightening physiological experience through the guidance of professional, highly skilled Tantricas.

Controlling premature ejaculation

Ejaculation reflux is similar to sneezing in that it can only be partially controlled. A low frequency of sexual activity may be associated with premature ejaculation. Learning to slow down and modulate a man’s arousal can ultimately prolong the pleasure of love making. Early ejaculation can trigger anxiety, activating the central nervous system. It is safe to say that anxiety brought on by attempting to delay ejaculation can actually perpetuate the problem. The stop-start or pause procedures focus on control of a man’s arousal in a sequence of consistent actions. In the company of a Tantric goddess, he will reach a higher threshold of ejaculation than he ever thought possible.

Relief is always available and with you now

As a man, moving closer to intimacy and getting to know yourself on a deeper level is at your fingertips. There is no need to travel to far, exotic places or even to change yourself as a person. It all lies within and can be brought forth by you and your Tantric goddess! When in the company of a professional and skilled Tantrica, unlimited sensuality will leave you vibrating with emotion and ecstasy.

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