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You may not be in your twenties, but you can still live a little

We’re writing with some more men only advice. There’s plenty of advice out there for women in various magazines and all over the press, but even though men are getting more attention than they used to, you’d really have to be a GQ or a Men’s Health reader to get it. So who better than your friendly neighbourhood tantric massage provider to give you some advice? Well, at least you’re going to read a website like this one (we have pretty girls!)

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Past your twenties?

Do you remember your twenties? It was when you could get away with practically anything. You didn’t have to exercise or eat correctly, you could drink what and when you wanted and you have very few responsibilities. However, now you have to look after yourself a bit. You wouldn’t be able to spot the guy in his twenties who looks after himself, but when you get past 30, you can tell instantly who is and who isn’t. And you know that women like a man who at least tries right?

It needed all be hard work

Don’t think of getting older as a problem. That would be your first mistake. You think that these tantric massage professionals think like that? They don’t. And whilst they’re all still relatively young and fit, there are a number of masseuses still operating in and around London who are much older and they still look great!

Think of getting past 30 as an opportunity, not a downward slide. If you start to be a little more sensible you’re likely to be just fine. It’s not about immediately joining a gym and eating tofu and granola or the rest of your life. Everything is fine, just in moderation.

Same goes for the girls!

If you were a serial womaniser in your twenties (and who could blame you), you may have to reign it in a little. Think of it like this though. You can spend much more quality time chasing the ones that are worth it. And in the meantime, now that you’re older and wiser, you can fill in the time between by getting a tantric massage or two and really living life to the max. You don’t need the stress of chasing women every weekend. Have a weekend off now and then, you’ll save money and be less stressed. And tantric massage services can certainly see you through until next time!

Try something new

As you get older it’s also a good opportunity to try new things out. It’s not unheard of for men to take yoga classes for example, and this is very good for your body and mind. Who knows, you may even meet someone interesting. And if that fails, there’s always the yoga pants! Heaven knows London is stressful enough these days. There is so much to do, you’d never have time to experience all the things you want to do, but make the most of the time you have and at least try to do something new. Why not try learning tantric massage?

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