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Getting an outcall Nuru massage: Remember your manners!

In the same way as you should behave and do your best to leave a good impression when you’ve been on a date, the same applies when you’re getting an outcall Nuru massage. Thankfully we don’t have much trouble with this, but it pays to list a few problems from time to time, to make sure newcomers etc. know that they’re only going to make their time unenjoyable by behaving incorrectly and/or inappropriately. Some clients may even be unaware of how they should behave, and what they’re not supposed to do. Just follow these five basic rules to start with and your masseuse will tell you anything else you need to know, as you’ll see in the final point:

  • Pay up!
  • Be respectful
  • Be clean
  • Don’t touch unless you’re invited
  • Listen to your masseuse

Make your outcall Nuru massage the best

Just because it’s an outcall, and you’re “on your own turf,” so to speak, don’t let your confidence make you behave in a silly way. Even though our outcall Nuru masseuses are incredibly sweet young women, with wonderful senses of humour, you can push them too far. Believe us when we tell you that these girls are very confident, highly professional and intelligent. If they don’t want to stay, they simply won’t!

Be careful with the boozing please!

Now, having said all that, we know that 99% of you guys aren’t like this at all, but sometimes it just takes a few beers after work, and suddenly you think your Lord Sugar! Being bossy, and trying to take control, or even worse, touching one of our girls without you having any permission to do so, are not accepted. You can (and will) have the time of your life if you leave it all up to the professional. Your outcall Nuru massage is designed to carry you into a state of absolute bliss, so it’s really best if you let us do what we do…

Even though our outcall Nuru massage is very popular (as are the incalls of course), it’s not the only type we offer. Take a look at the full range of massages we have on offer from Tantric Touch London…

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