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Older men should date younger women

It’s a fact according to many sources. Not that we’re going to quote them all here, there simply isn’t the space. However, one of our tantric massage babes did find an interesting article online about this topic. And yes, before you ask, she is one of those younger women who prefer older men. In addition to this, there is some very good news for you if you’re an “older” man. You see, the vast majority of younger women are already attracted to you, so you don’t really have to do much at all!

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The article we’re referring to is actually a rather sarcastic one and meant to be humorous really, but she likes it because she’s got a wonderful sense of humour. It has a really cool numbered list about why older men and younger women should be paired together. The best thing is that every one of them begin with: “Younger women are universally hot and…” Our personal favourite is “Younger women are universally hot and know all the latest clothing styles, but prefer men who wear shorts, black socks and Crocs”. You can read it on Life in the Boomer Lane now if you like.

The real reason

Perhaps our tantric massage babe is searching for reasons why she’s attracted to older men, we’re not sure, but either way it’s a fact. Here’s the real reason, and strangely enough it is mentioned (albeit satirically) in the article we just mentioned. It’s about the time when young women mature and find men of the same age simply unattractive. Not all women of course, and they all have their times when they simply can’t resist a young man with rippling muscles etc. But these sort of men are not “boyfriend material,” simply because everyone else wants them and they haven’t grown up!

Women like experience and maturity above most things. Don’t get us wrong here, it depends on the individual of course, and the state of the man in question. Unless the younger woman in question is some kind of gold digger, she’s bound to have some standards at least! But overall, they’re looking for the man who has settled down, has less drama in his life, who is less likely to play away and look for someone else, who is financially secure, understanding and considerate. Older men make great and considerate lovers too we’re told (by our tantric massage babe of course!)

Why you should date younger women

You should date younger women, not just because they want you, but because you need them. Younger women will keep you young too, they’re full of life, they like to learn about you and your life, and they’re very inspirational. Not to mention sexy as hell of course! Well, to be honest… Do we really need to give you any more reasons?

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