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The Origin of Divine Love Making

Pure sexuality is inspired by the inherent knowledge of love that dwells in every person. Sexual energy fuels the core of the creative force that fills our universe. It encompasses physical, spiritual and emotional forces. Sexual energy embraces arousal, awakening, passion, inspiration, excitement, enthusiasm and creativity.

Tantrism began during the Golden Age of Hinduism in an ancient empire in India

Popular authors such as Joseph Campbell and many others brought Tantra to the attention of Westerners. It was seen as a ‘cult of ecstasy’. The modern interpretation of traditional Indian and Buddhist Tantra evolved as Neotantra which encompasses rituals of sacred sexuality. This technique-rich style of spiritual practice has relaxed repressive Western attitudes toward sex through the open mindedness of Tantric Goddesses.

A Tantrica is devoted to achieving a heightened state of awareness through sensual courtship. Her dedication equals the sum of everything sacred. At Tantric Touch London, beautiful women deeply rooted in the practice of Tantric massage engage a number of techniques that include meditation for achieving spiritual expansion through erotic ecstasy.

The Tantric practice seeks to balance energies in prana (all energy manifested in the universe) and chakras (energy points in the body) through erotic, sensual massage. Kundalini (the highest sexual energy possible) rises within. Full communion with oneness results in divine union.

What is divine love making?

Perhaps we have all enjoyed the experienced on many occasions. Think about those sensational moments when you came together with your partner without any thoughts getting in the way. If not, the experience awaits you! When two partners come together to make divine physical love, no thought process is necessary. It is instinctual, organic and natural. As vibrations elevate, love, lust and eroticism are amplified.

Dissolve thoughts that hinder divine love making

When demands or expectations weigh heavily, beautiful sensations during an encounter may not occur naturally. However, the divine, feminine creative power and sensuality of a Tantric Goddess will absolve your stress, anxiety and worries. Once thoughts have melted, the act of divine love making becomes as natural as breathing. Tantricas are celestial authorities of love and expertise in undoing the tangled thoughts that crowd your mind and inhibit your sexuality, evoking nirvana.

Sexual empowerment lies at the root of the Tantric practice

Through the subtle and sensual guidance of a Tantrica, powerful pleasure can be realized. Love of the self will be restored along with a heightened awareness of consciousness. Become sexually empowered with a Tantric Goddess from Tantric Touch London.

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