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Outcall massage – The next big thing…

It’s perfectly understandable of course.  You’ve been at work all day, or you’ve been visiting all day, or you’ve been seeing the sights all day.  Whatever the reason, sometimes it’s just good to get back in the confines of your comfortable hotel room right?  But then you want a massage!  Never fear, Tantric Touch are here to satiate all your outcall massage desires…

They are in fact becoming the next big thing.  You could argue that there has always been outcall massage services, and you’d be right of course, but it’s becoming increasingly more popular as people break any stigmas attached.  By this of course we mean all those silly ideas about the whole thing being “seedy” or “dirty” for some bizarre reason.  These ridiculous stereotypes are dated and based upon a few insignificant people who continue to believe that another person’s touch on your body is somehow wrong.  They’re more than likely very lonely people themselves!

The number of professional masseuses operating in London today has increased drastically.  People have become more aware of themselves and their bodies.  They see the mental and physical benefits of massage, and as more and more people sing its praises, more and more people want to try.

Discreet outcall massage

Do you see how this increased popularity lends itself to your absolute discretion?  With it being such a commonplace thing to get, no-one is likely to bat an eyelid at who comes to your hotel for that purpose.  If you think for one moment that the hotel staff don’t see masseuses, hairdressers, personal trainers and a variety of other professionals come and go on a daily basis, then you’re very much mistaken.

Of course we are always discreet about our services and we never divulge client information, nor retain it.  This is basically an etiquette that we follow really.  We are acutely aware that not everyone is happy for the world to know they have booked a tantric outcall massage, so we’re happy to keep your secret!

Outcall massage

Outcall massage hotels

Not every hotel is perfect for our outcall massages, but we can certainly perform everything we need to.  You see, we always bring our kit with us!  Don’t worry, we won’t turn up in the lobby of the hotel with a massage table tucked underneath our arms, we’re much more versatile than this!  There are a number of wonderful hotels in the area with excellent bathrooms, big beds and lots of space however, and the following recommendations are based on our own experiences.

Here are some great hotel ideas.  If you’re local to London, most of them will seem very obvious, but to those who are in town on a short business trip or you’re a tourist, these are the best:

  • The Shangri La Hotel in London’s Shard – Loads of space in the bathrooms and fantastic views over the city!
  • The Savoy Hotel – You need a pretty penny to stay here of course, but if you get a suite, it really is the perfect place to indulge in a great massage.
  • The Baglioni – Very stylish and very beautiful bedrooms, with big comfortable beds! This one is a must!
  • Claridge’s – If art deco and pure opulence are your thing, Claridge’s is your hotel. We must say that spending any time in this hotel is a treat!

Wherever you’re staying, all you need to do is give us a quick call and we’ll be with you in no time at all.  Depending on where you are in the city, we’re positive we can get to you within the hour in most cases.  Don’t worry about a thing, just pick up the phone, make the call and we’ll do the rest.


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