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Please don’t be rude!

tantric massageWhilst we understand that when you come for your tantric massage, you might be a little wound up tight with stress etc. There are things going on in your life that we couldn’t possibly know about, and we’re sure that things can be tough sometimes. But you must remain polite and kind to our tantric massage professionals at all times. Remember, “manners maketh the man!”

On the phone

This includes when you call to make your booking. We’re lucky in the respect that this doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s very disappointing to say the least. Some people are abrupt and quite cutting on the phone when they can’t get their own way, and we’re not here to be spoken to in anything other than a reasonable and polite way. Do not be surprised if you get hung up on and then have your number blocked if you’re going to be rude. We don’t need your business that bad you know!

It’s usually when someone can’t get what they’re looking for, or the girl they want isn’t available etc. The reason you are disappointed is usually completely beyond our control. If you can’t have what you want, that’s just a little touch luck we’re afraid; but you don’t have to be rude and obnoxious.

Nerves can make you a little sharp

When you arrive at the location of your tantric massage, you need to keep your cool. It can make you quite anxious we know, looking for an address if you haven’t been before. Or then if there’s a group of people outside and you don’t want to walk through them or near anyone because you’re trying to be discreet etc. We totally get it. And to a certain extent we can understand it if you’re a little “off” when you arrive. But just allow us a few moments to relax you and make you realise that you’re in literally good hands. We’re positive that you will soon calm down and be put completely at ease.

What we won’t put up with is rude behaviour when you arrive. We won’t but up with drunken behaviour, and we won’t be grabbed at and handled etc. This isn’t our style. You’re not in a bar in Thailand, and we are not “merchandise”. We are a group of very professional tantric massage experts and we deliver a consistently outstanding service; one that you will miss out on unless you behave yourself!

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