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You need to protect yourself from the sun too!

It’s true gents, you really do! Besides, if you get yourself too badly sun burned you’re not likely to enjoy having your London tantric massage are you? It’s going to hurt like hell when one of our masseuses lays her hands on your naked skin, despite their gentle touch!

It’s never something men like to hear we know, but you should know that we care about you and want you to be as healthy as possible. After all, it’s our job to keep you happy and healthy right? We’re going to give you few tips on what to do when you’ve got a sunny spell on your hands. Some of it is a bit obvious, but believe us when we tell you that you’d be surprised at the amount of gents we see with sun burn, despite how dangerous the sun can be!

  • Use sun cream!

    It’s very simple boys, you know it’s there for a reason. This isn’t a cosmetic that’s there just for those who like the smell of it! It’s there for literally everyone to use, and it does actually work. Ask any of our London massage girls when you see them. The amount of men they meet with red raw faces and necks would shock you! This is vitally important for all those guys that work outdoors of course.

  • Try a hat

    It’s not as daft as you think guys. It’s the summer after all, and there are plenty of people wearing hats! The good thing about a hat is that you can sometimes get away without having to wear sun cream (although we would of course advise both). What we mean is that if you’re an office worker, you don’t need to be protected all day long. You may just be venturing outside at lunchtime to have your tantric massage, and in this case, you can simply put a hat on your head. If it’s got a wide enough brim on it, it’ll more than likely protect your neck too. Wearing a hat will help you do without having to get sun cream on your shirt collar too, and we all know what a pain in the backside that is when it starts to stain. You see, we can be practical too!

Showers at our incall massage locations

You don’t need to worry if you have lathered yourself up with sun cream in the morning before work either, because we’ve got showers! You can have yourself a shower before your massage (in fact we would advise it! There’s nothing like washing the office off your body before a tantric massage either really is there? It certainly allows you to relax more. All the girls have their showers well stocked with male toiletries too, so you don’t have to worry about scrubbing your body with Herbal Essences or anything like that!

So remember, if you want to enjoy the best tantric massage London could possibly offer, not only do you need to book from Tantric Touch London, you also need to wear your sun screen!

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