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Resolutions: The Common Mistakes

We may only be tantric massage professionals, but we know a thing or two about what makes people tick; men in particular! Men used to make very different resolutions to women, but over the years they have become much more similar. These days resolutions tend to be based firmly in physical appearance, rather than personal development. We’re going to give you a list of the most common resolutions that are broken.

  • Lose weight – One of the most common to be broken. Those who want to lose weight tend to think they can do it quickly and they opt for “quick fix” diets, rather than trying to change their lifestyle over time.
  • Work out/join gym – Getting fit is another one. Again, rather than change things over time, they just sign up for a gym membership which makes them more likely to skip it.
  • Stop smoking – Classic!
  • Quit Drinking – Yet another!

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Make it achievable

If you looked at some of the above in broader terms you would actually make them much more achievable. Why not do what our tantric massage girls do? Instead of “getting ripped” at the gym, why not just resolve to “be healthier”? It’s much more likely! And on top of that, being healthier can encompass so many things. Getting healthy can mean cutting down on some things, maybe doing a little more exercise, but its still relatively non-committal. In other words, if you decide to eat an entire pizza one evening, you needn’t feel too bad because you never resolved never to eat it, and you’re probably still doing other things to improve your health. Trust us when we tell you that our tantric massage girls are the same. They like having fun too much to stop eating things they like, but they remain physically fit and attractive. The trick (if indeed you can call it a “trick”) is not to take it all too seriously!

Tantric massage resolution

The best resolution you could make is to get a regular tantric massage. This is never hard to maintain and always fun! However, do make sure to book as often as you can afford; you’ll break your resolution if you think you can do it too often!

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