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Self-confidence holding you back with the ladies?

We’ve probably given you a number of tips when it comes to chatting up the ladies already. But you can never have too many, and when you have access to a bevy of beautiful tantric massage providers who get hit on all the time, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. And our blog is for sharing our thoughts and ideas, as well as to give you news and updates.

Confidence an issue?

This brief article isn’t so much about chatting up women as it is improving your self-confidence to enable you to. So, we’re taking one step back if you will. It’s all very well telling you how to chat up a woman, the type of things that she likes and how to date her, but what happens if you can’t even approach her? Surely that has to be the first move?

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Baby steps

We completely understand where you’re coming from if this is an issue. You’d be surprised at just how many anxious, under confident men that our tantric massage girls see in the space of a few days. Sometimes the only contact they have with women, in a real sense, is through our service. Not that this is a problem you understand, but we are well aware that some of you may also be looking to meet someone very special. You just need the skills and the strength to do something about it when you see someone you like!

When we say “baby steps” we really mean it. If you suffer with these problems, you need to start by making small talk. And not with someone you’re physically attracted to. That would be a mistake and you wouldn’t be prepared. Choose someone non-descript. We’re not saying ugly, or anything like that, just someone who you can engage in small talk with. An example would be a waitress, or the girl behind the counter in the coffee shop or bar that you frequent. As long as she’s not too busy, you’ll be able to try as much as you like. And she won’t even know. Believe us when we say that she’ll appreciate the distraction anyway. When you’re at work and doing nothing, time can really drag on.

Small talk

So, what’s small talk? We all know basically what it is, but you want some ideas right? Just talk about the usual sort of things. The weather, how busy it is etc. We’re sure that you’ll prompt some conversation. But it doesn’t make a difference just how long she talks for, or how much you know about the weather etc. the object of the game here is to simply engage. If you can get used to engaging those women that you meet in your everyday life, you stand a much better chance of being prepared to face those you actually want to pursue!

You don’t need to thank us! But should you want a tantric massage, please do consider us first. Hell, you can even try out your small talk with the girls!

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