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Sensual Massage for Men Explained

a sculptor symbolizing lingam for men

Sensual massage for men is not about achieving orgasm during the session. The aim of the massage is to massage the body, the perineum, the prostate, the testicles, and the penile shaft (lingam). During the process, the man naturally surrenders himself to unimaginable pleasure as a professional masseuse works her soft, gentle hands across every inch of the masculine body. 

For sensual massage to have the desired effect, it’s crucial for both the masseuse and the man to be totally relaxed during the gentle session.

Let’s give the lingam massage a little more attention in this article. It is way more than what it appears to be on the surface. 

LINGAM MASSAGE-what does it mean?

Traditionally, man is often assumed to be the one to take control when it comes to sex. However, with sensual massage for men, it all goes against such traditional notions. Lingam massage by a professional masseuse allows the man to be on the receiving end of the treat. It also allows the man to explore this breath-taking experience from a non-traditional perspective angle. During the tantric massage, there’s no need for any form of foreplay required from the man. You can save all that for your partner when you get back home. Here, it’s all about giving the man pleasure without leading him to orgasm.

What’s the Challenge in Sensual Massage for Men? 

The greatest challenge during sensual massage for men is for them to free the mind and allow themselves to receive pleasure fully. In some cases, especially for new customers, the feeling may be too intense and lead them to orgasm. However, at Tantric Touch London, there are professional masseuses who have been trained to help do away with such setbacks. 

 Sex is short-lived; tantric massage, however, offers a different kind of orgasm. It is not defined by the relief of instant sexual gratification. 

The main purpose of sensual massage for men, therefore, is to provide males with sexual delight, which in turn transmutes to better health. 

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