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Stress and how our London sensual massage can help

London sensual massageStress is “the silent killer,” as they say. We’re not going to argue with that! It really is. But stress is also a necessity in order to survive. Stress is an essential part of human chemistry and without it we wouldn’t have got this far, it just needs to be handled and managed. Stress makes us react when we need to. You’ve all heard of “fight or flight” response we’re sure. Very basically, this is adrenaline putting your body under stress and forcing you into action, improving your reaction time etc. So you see, it really is essential. A natural hormone reaction in your body can’t be controlled, but a London sensual massage can help you manage your stress levels and also recover when stressful situations have triggered detrimental responses in your body and mind.

The feel good factor

So not all stress is actually negative, we’ve established that. It is a necessary force in the human body that forces action and decision making. However, it’s this continuous cycle that does take its toll on the body and mind, thus necessitating you to take action to alleviate. You basically need to do something to make you feel good. Things that make you happy vary considerably from person to person of course. Some people choose to go for a long walk, some choose to go clubbing or sit in the pub with friends all night, and some opt for a London sensual massage. Whatever it is will help you, it’s just that some things will only work short term.

Short term solutions

Short term solutions to your stress are usually those that involve getting off your nut on booze and partying until the early hours of the morning. Yes we know some of you do it! It may well make you feel good at the time, but if you’re doing anything that involves pumping your body with toxins and robbing it of sleep, you are probably going to do more harm than good in the long run.

The London sensual massage solution

We don’t need to list all the health benefits of massage to you we’re sure. If you’re a regular reader of our blog you’ll know most of these, and common sense will dictate the rest. However a London sensual massage isn’t all about improving circulation and massaging the knots in the back of your shoulders. These will disappear most likely once your stress begins to leave. A truly sensual massage is focused on giving you peace in the mind as well as elsewhere on your body. To feel the hands or the body of another on your own, experiencing movements that sexually excite you as well as relax you, is the ultimate way to relax.

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