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More style tips from Tantric Touch: Behave like a Londoner

It’s come to our attention that not all our tantric massage clients are actually from London. We get a number of clients from out of town too. If you’re an “out of towner,” and you want to make an impression, then this article is for you…

You’re not just in London to get a London tantric massage of course. We’re not that daft you know. You’re clearly here on business or you’re just taking some time away from it all to relax in the city. So if you’re after impressing the local London girls, you might want to know a few tips on how to behave like a true Londoner. If there’s anything that turns the average London girl off, it’s a tacky tourist. Not that you are of course!

  • Avoid the tourist areas. If you’re on the pull in the evening and you’re with a few friends etc. if you go to the tourist centres, you’re only likely to meet tourists! It’s as simple as that. You really don’t have any reason to be in Leicester Square if you want to meet a girl!
  • Don’t use cabs. Really, not many of us really do these days. And besides, it’s summertime! Walk and it might just do you some good. You know how are massage girls will look after you if your muscles start to ache!
  • Move away from the centre. There are plenty of other things on offer in London, and take it from some people who know, it’s all just a Google search away.
  • Don’t stand in front of everything for “selfies” etc. Buses, policemen etc. You’ll stand out like an arse!
  • Eat in a proper restaurant. We won’t go into a load here, but suffice to say Angus Steakhouses do not qualify!
  • Clubbing. Most London clubs are acceptable. However, you might want to avoid Fabric. This is a tourist club basically!

Remember, London has a lot to offer you if you’re a tourist, so don’t be put off. Just get it all out of the way in the daytime if you fancy impressing the women out there. Oh, and if you’re on Oxford Street during the day, don’t stop moving. It’s like a constantly moving footpath, and you will be trampled to death!

And don’t forget to visit us of course!

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