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London massage therapy for East End swimmers

What about a swim on a hot day?  Well, if you’re the type that likes to simply dive in to cool off, you’ll be very pleased to hear that London’s Royal Docks is now open as a public swimming space!  That’s right, take your shorts to with you and have a dip after work in the sunshine…

The area near London City Airport is now open to the public.  They’ve made a real good job of it.  They test the water regularly, there are people on site to help, there are shower facilities and also wet suits should you need them.  There are time limits on the availability of this swimming area however, but these times have clearly been carefully thought out.

  • Wednesday 16.00-20.00
  • Thursday 06.00-09.30
  • Friday 16.00-20.00
  • Sunday 07.00-10.00

That gives everyone a chance to have a dip.  After work on a Wednesday or Friday, or before work on a Thursday morning.  If you can take a shower there when you’ve finished, there shouldn’t be any reason not to indulge really.  If you also book yourself some London massage therapy with us afterwards you’ll feel fantastic we’re sure.

You can get more information about this and other events at Royal Docks wesbsite

Swimming is good for you

Believe it or not any exercise is good for you within reason, but it’s surprising just how little we get these days when we’re working in the city.  This necessitates gym memberships and such of course, but you can’t beat some good old fashioned walking, cycling and swimming.  These exercises use more muscles than you’d imagine and they’re all good forms of cardio.  Trust us, we know what we’re talking about, we are London massage therapy experts you know!

But swimming.  When you look at all the muscles you use when you go for a swim, you’ll realise that this is the best, and it’s also zero impact.  This means of course that it doesn’t impact on your joints in the same way as walking and running.  It’s an excellent way to get your heart rate up and improve the muscle tone on your legs and up body.


London massage therapy

London massage therapy after exercise

It’s always good to get yourself a massage after exercising, whether you’ve been to the Royal Docks or you’ve simply been to the gym.  A proper London massage therapy session following your exercise can help in the alleviation of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).  This is how you feel when you’ve been working out and then it starts to hurt.  It’s usually common if you’ve never worked a particular part of the body before.

What you’re essentially doing when this happens is damaging your muscles.  This is what naturally happens in order for us to grow them and strengthen them.  You must have heard people talk about “muscle burn.”  This is the same thing and massage can really help.  Depending on how hard you’ve worked your body, you might want to ask your London massage therapy expert about how soon you should contemplate having your massage.  In extreme cases it might be good to wait a number of hours.  Our massages are especially good, since we incorporate many different methods and techniques, and everything is done by a professional masseuse.

Take some time and browse our list of services, they’ll have you feeling fantastic we’re certain…