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Charity massage or London Tantric massage?

London tantric massageWe know that for visitors of our website, there really is no comparison. However, here at Tantric Touch London we would like to commend Champneys College in Wigginton for setting up a “massage-athon” to raise money for Sport Relief. They intend to gather all their masseuses together and massage as many people as they can on March 17th. We’re not sure how long the massages are going to be, so we can’t personally recommend them of course, but considering they’re charging £10 a go, we’re betting it won’t be very long. Well, they won’t be nearly as long as a London tantric massage with one of our girls! Anyway, it’s all in a good cause, so if you’re in that area, or you know anyone who is, spread the word. Massage for charity is a good idea!

London tantric massage is better though!

Champneys College might be a little too far out of London for you, and we’re confident that they won’t be offering the type of massages we do! Getting a London tantric massage is more than a little bit different, to say the very least. However, having said that, if they were offering this service to their visitors, we’re betting that they’d make a hell of a lot more money for Sport Relief!

We sincerely doubt that they’d be getting the press coverage they’re getting if they were offering London tantric massage, despite being for charity. It’s kind of sad when you think about it really. If London tantric massage was a little better understood by most, perhaps even we would be doing it for charity every now and again! Mind you, considering the competition in London for this kind of service, it wouldn’t be very cost effective for us to be giving away our services for next to nothing. And certainly not a tenner! It takes a lot of skill to do what we do, and the girls we have working with us at Tantric Touch, really do go the whole nine yards when it comes to looking after their bodies and presenting themselves.

Naked London tantric massage

Well they have to look good naked don’t they? Especially when our lovely masseuses are going to be sliding their naked bodies all over yours, all covered in oil or Nuru gel! We’re betting that the girls at Champneys don’t do this! Well, not at college anyway. What they do when they get home is their own business of course. What you will always get with Tantric Touch London, is a tantric London massage that you’re going to want to repeat over and over again. And we would strongly advise you to do this. Putting the sensual release aside for a moment, regular massage is incredibly good for your mind and body; get it as often as you can!

Do your bit for Sport Relief

In order to do our bit for Sport Relief, we would like to direct you to their website, where you can donate as much or as little as you like. If you enjoy your London tantric massage, make a point of sharing your joy with others in the world and give them a few quid!

Cool down this summer with a London Tantric Massage

You might think that it sounds a little silly, getting a massage to cool you down, but after a hot sweaty and stressful day at the office, relaxing with one of the girls for a proper London tantric massage could be just what you need…

Obviously the first thing you’ll do when you arrive is take a shower of course.  The last thing one of these girls wants is the smell of your sweaty day in her nostrils as she’s trying her best to knead out the lumps and bumps in your back!  However, a shower is the beginning of your cool down gentlemen.  Once you’re all clean and wrapped in your towel, you’ll feel better already; and more than ready to enjoy your London tantric massage at the hands of one of the most talented masseuses in the business.

London Tantric Massage can cool you down?

London has been experiencing a lot of heat lately, even necessitating the closure of some of the tubes because it’s gone over the recommended temperature down there.  The thing about massage is that it’s so very relaxing of course; especially London tantric massage!

When you relax, your heart rate slows, you calm and cool down.  As long as you’re not in an overly hot room you can count on it, and you can count on all the locations where you can enjoy our services being very comfortable and cool.  When you come to the natural conclusion of most tantric massages you will of course feel the ultimate relaxation; then you can just lay back and relax until you’re ready to clean up and face the world again (only now you’ll be better prepared to).

Cool Down


Body to body massage

This might be the only time you get a little “warmer”, but when you consider the comfortable and well ventilated rooms you will be receiving your massage, you won’t get overly hot.  These girls aren’t massive you know!  Their fit and stunning bodies will move over your own so naturally that you’ll hardly believe it’s possible and when they move from one part of your body to the next, the fresh air will hit your skin and make it tingle with sensations you have long since forgotten.  London tantric massage is designed to help you achieve a level of contentment and pleasure that you can’t get in any other way; this is why it’s so popular of course!

If you’re intrigued, book a session now…