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Where is the best Nuru massage London has to offer?

Nuru massage LondonWell now, it would be ridiculous for us to tell you to go anywhere else of course, so it’s obvious that we’re going to tell you that we have the best Nuru massage London can offer you.  However, if you’re determined to “shop around,” as they say, we will give you a few tips for searching…

You more than likely ended up here because you Googled it, and we’re very glad you did of course.  However, there are many other places you can find good quality Nuru massage advertised.  It all depends entirely on who is doing the massage really and where they choose to advertise.  You could easily find a good one in the back of a newspaper somewhere; although sadly this isn’t the type of place businesses are likely to find quality clients.  At least if you Google what you’re looking for and the provider appears in the first couple of pages, they’re likely to be good quality; simply by virtue of the fact they’re willing to spend a bit of time and money on their advertising.  It’s not always the case of course!  Another great way of finding the best Nuru massage London has is of course to read reviews.

Nuru massage London reviews

If you’re the type that likes to take a look at TripAdvisor before you make a holiday booking, then you will more than likely appreciate what we have to say.  You wouldn’t book the hotel if someone on the review site said the staff were awful, the place smelled damp or the food was rank, would you?  Well, by the same token, you wouldn’t book a Nuru massage from a masseuse if you read that they didn’t make much effort, or they were perhaps rude.  Review sites are very useful indeed and there are plenty of them out there to choose from.  You might come across a few providers that offer “a little more” than a Nuru massage, but we can’t possibly comment on that.  Suffice to say, just be careful where you’re clicking!

If you’re a real people person, you might like to just call the massage provider and ask them exactly what they do.  It’s not unheard of for clients to ask a number of questions, after all, it’s your experience and you’re paying for it.  You might as well get what you want!

What to ask?

When you call, arguably the most important thing to ask is whether or not they use authentic Nuru massage techniques, and more importantly whether or not they use Nuru gel.  Most good service providers of Nuru massage London style know the difference and this will be standard practice for them; so don’t be surprised if you get “of course we do” as a reply!

As you can see, Nuru gel is the remarkably slippery oil that your masseuse will use when she glides her body against yours.  Its consistency is a little thicker than ordinary massage oil.  It’s a highly erotic lubricant that really does help you get what you’re looking for: the best Nuru massage London Town has to offer you!