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Tantra for her, why not?

Luckily for him, 75% of men always reach orgasm whilst making love, but for us ladies the headlines aren’t so great, with only 29% reporting an orgasm through penetrative sex. Hey – it’s the taking part that counts! However, the majority of women reach orgasm though clitoral simulation rather than vaginal. Well with focus we will get there in the end even if it’s perhaps alone afterwards with our ‘pink vibrating friend’ ;0. So perhaps it would be easier to reach our goals and highs with another woman, one that already knows more or less what you are talking about and won’t rush or judge. It doesn’t even have to be a lesbian experience but a light ‘bi-curious’ encounter with someone just like yourself.

It might open up a few shut doors that needed to ‘lighten’ up for way too long. My first encounter with a woman was in a club years ago and she was an absolute stunner (well that is what my memory records although it was rather long time ago now), south american, curvaceous, massive huge beautiful breasts (oh dear) and the most sexy eyes I have ever laid eyes on. She spotted me instinctively, I am not entirely sure why as I am not a lesbian (and usually they spot each other right??) and at that point I wasn’t even bi nor bi-curious, but she did spot me and she looked at me as I was the only woman (girl) in the room and I have to admit that I loved it.

She kind of circled around me (exactly like man meets woman/woman meets man) and after a few drinks she got me…  and we touched each others breasts (oh dear I can still remember how firmed they felt and the nipples were so hard and erected) and we did had the odd ‘poke’ down there as well although we never really went that far down the line if that makes sense.

I was hungry for her and she was starving for me but when the night was over and she asked me to come back to her and I panicked and that is where we left it. I still think about that night sometimes and it still gets me excited (and believe me that was not yesterday) and after that I have had similar encounters and situations where I then realised that I am bi curios (leaning to bi-sexual) I mean, does love have a gender after all? I think that is nonsense, one can fall in love in a person, I fall in love every day, a little bit, here and there! Anyway I love giving tantric or sensual massage to another women, it gives me great pleasure and I get very turned on by it but I can also read the signs of her happiness (or less happiness) and we can talk in a different way than I (we) can with a man.

So ladies! Come and join in, what do you have to loose?



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