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Good tantric massage takes years of practice

And this is what we offer at Tantric Touch of course: good tantric massage! Well, if we weren’t being so modest we’d say it was the best in London, but that’s not really for us to decide, considering that we don’t go around sampling every other provider in the city!

You know best of all

In actual fact, it’s you guys who know best of all. We know that there is a number of you who claim that you’ve never been to another London tantric massage provider, but we know that you’re telling porky pies! And that’s a good thing because we know that the vast majority of clients who have been to see our masseuses, have more than likely been to see other professionals, from different agencies; and some independent masseuses too if they’re brave enough! Now, if we make the assumption that a client who comes to us, has been somewhere else before, and we get them to make a repeat booking, we know we’re doing a good job!

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice…”

Vladimir Horowitz (Russian-American composer and pianist)

Practice makes perfect with London tantric massage

We don’t really work with amateur tantric masseuses at Tantric Touch. We are not interested in representing any masseuse who simply claims to be a good masseuse, yet she doesn’t have any experience or references. It really does take years of practice. It makes you wonder when you see that some of the girls are so young looking we’re sure. Between you and us, they’re all actually in their eighties! It’s just that massage is so good for you, it prolongs your life!

No, in all seriousness, age doesn’t have as much to do with it as practice. If a masseuse comes to us who is quite young, we’re not put off if she has the tantric massage skills to make a good career out of her art. And in order to have the skills she really must have been massaging clients for at least a couple of years in order to get as good as some of our existing London tantric massage professionals. There are exceptions occasionally of course, as there are in any profession. Sometimes you get the odd “natural,” so to speak, and we’re proud to report that we have a few of them at Tantric Touch!

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