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The best London Nuru massage isn’t in Central London!

We are 100% certain of this! And there are good reasons for it too actually, before you accuse us of writing a blatant and unashamed promotional article. Basically it’s mostly down to demand. You have to consider whereabouts we are located really. No-one ever insisted that the best London Nuru massage would be in Central London. This is not necessarily where all the best services are.

London City

London City is a business and financial centre in London. And what’s more interesting to the London Nuru massage business, is the fact that there are more office workers in this location than most other places in London. This makes it the ideal location for those in our business who are at the very top of their game. There are masseuses working with us that have trained in Paris and beyond. Those that have years of experience and client lists that you wouldn’t believe. So you ask us whether the best Nuru massages in London are located in Central London? They most certainly are not.

London Nuru massage

Central London

Now ask yourself just how many people will be in need of our services in Central London. Lots, yes, but look at it in comparison to the number of stressed out bankers in London City! Now you get the picture. Yes, there may well be many more affluent people in Central London, but they’re not all booking massages. Most of them are booking other services in Central London and the West End, in order to relax and have fun.

Intelligent masseuses

So you see, the brightest and most talented masseuses in London, usually make their way to London City. They don’t want to be associated with many of the poorer quality Central London agencies, and not to mention the dreadful Asian parlours that pop up all over the place. These women would much rather be busy and making a good living from the mostly British Londoners in our area. Not many tourists, all locals and commuters. It’s certainly the place to build a valued client list.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our London Nuru massage clients in the London City area, and to remind them just how lucky they are!

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