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How do our London tantric massage girls feel about the Burger King Spa?

Have you heard about what Burger King are doing in Finland? A Spa in the restaurant, that’s what they’re doing…

No, before you ask, it’s not a tantric massage spa! We doubt Burger King, regardless of how good their whoppers are, would be so bold as to offer this service! Mind you, those Finnish folk are quite enlightened, so we’ve heard. You can read all about yourself by going to the article we found if you like. But the very short, capsule version of the story is simply that they’ve built a spa where you can take showers, have a steam, a massage, chill out and watch TV and play games etc. whilst being able to pop upstairs for a burger!

What our girls think

Well, to be perfectly honest with you, most of the girls at Tantric Touch London aren’t very impressed. They don’t really eat in Burger King because it’s not very healthy at all when you think about it, and the girls don’t look as good as they do by feeding themselves on fast food. These London tantric massage angels treat their bodies like temples and mostly only ever fuel themselves with what’s good for them. So the idea of putting a spa that promotes health and well-being, in a fast food restaurant is quite frankly a bit silly to them.

Can you honestly see yourself sucking down a huge cheeseburger with a coke, and then going to another room, slipping into a towel and having a massage or sauna? Mind you, saying that, there’s no accounting for taste, and it would probably take off in London if they had a mind to bring it here. We’ll wait and see how it goes in Finland; this could be very interesting indeed.

Have it your way

There is one thing Tantric Touch London and Burger King have in common though. Our massages can be customised to suit our clients, so you can indeed “have it your way!” That’s their slogan isn’t it? Or at least that’s what we remember. Back to fundamentals, if you have any specific requirements or there are areas of your body that need more work, or you don’t want touching etc. you can simply tell one of our friendly masseuses. Believe us when we tell you that we are one London tantric massage agency that has indeed “heard it all,” so don’t be shy!

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