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There’s only one use for a mobile phone during a tantric massage

Do you know what it is? No prizes for guessing of course. It’s for playing music on. That’s it guys, nothing else. Which means that your mobile phone needs to stay in your jacket pocket, preferably on silent or “do not disturb” mode if it has one. When you are having a tantric massage, believe us when we say that you are not going to want a single distraction. You need to give yourself completely to the time you have booked in order for your masseuse to do her very best work.

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Playing music

As we said, there’s only one use for a mobile phone and it’s for playing music. This means your masseuse’s phone of course. However, this is only ever the case if she’s got a good phone with a good sound. It’s awful listening to any music on a crappy phone, whether it’s supposed to be a sensual, relaxing tune or not. It’s not going to help your tantric massage in any way at all. iPhones are pretty damn good though, and they have a good amount of volume.

Your masseuse from Tantric Touch London, will only ever use her phone for this if it’s good enough and she won’t be messing about getting the right song etc. She’ll have this all ready before you arrive, and you’ll also find that the music will last the length of your massage. It’s a good indicator for your tantric massage therapist to know whereabouts she is in the massage. You needn’t worry about her getting text messages or updates from her friends or other clients either, she’ll have all that on “do not disturb” or she’ll be using a totally different phone!

Turn yours off if you want the best tantric massage!

Before you enter your masseuse’s apartment, just switch your phone off and put it away. Don’t even think about it. If you can’t take just one hour out of your ordinarily busy day then it’s a very bad thing. Even if you are required urgently, one hour isn’t going to make a lot of difference is it now? And just think how much better you will be prepared to deal with anything your phone has to tell you, once you’ve had your massage!

Oh, you need your phone to make a booking of course!

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