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Three top reasons why happy people are happy!

Happy people are what makes the world go around. We like to think that we make happy people every day here at Tantric Touch London. Our London massage professionals are among the best in the world, so you can’t fail to leave us much happier than when you arrived! However, today’s article is a bit of a closer look at just what makes people happy (in the broadest sense of course). And what steps you can take to becoming a much happier person.

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Have the right mindset

Now, changing people’s mindsets isn’t an easy task. This is because it’s something they have to do for themselves, and it’s something they have to choose to do and work hard to achieve. But when you think about the simplicity of it, it surprises us why so many people don’t at least try. After all, it’s just changing the way you look at things!

There are people who consider themselves to be who they are, and that they cannot change. These people deal with life as it goes along, being confident in what they can and can’t do, based on their past experiences and what they are capable of. Then there are those who consider themselves more fluid, more able to change. These people are generally much happier. When they are presented with a challenge, rather than deem themselves unable to overcome because they simply “can’t” do what’s required, they consider themselves able to adapt, change and become proactive in order to succeed. People who see the world like this are generally happier. It’s a mindset and it’s a very effective one. Our London massage girls are definitely “glass half full” people! perhaps you should be too?

Helping others

If you’re not totally psychotic, you’ll understand that making other people happy can keep you happy too. You’ve all give a present to someone, watched their reaction and subsequently become very happy yourself. Well, it’s a similar thing. As a rule, people are generally happier helping others. This is probably one of the main reasons our London massage girls are always so very happy. We can safely say that they’re always at their happiest when their clients leave with a smile on their face! This is scientifically backed too gents! Your feel good hormones: oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine are all significantly increased when you help other people. Strangely enough, these things are also released when you have our “special” London massage!


It’s one of the most common things in the world, yet it’s surprising how few people actually get enough sleep! Sleep not only allow your body to recover, it allows your mind to also. It improves your mood and helps you focus the following day. There’s some science here too for all your brainiacs. When you sleep you get rid of toxic proteins in your brain, making sure that you have a much clearer head in the morning. You’ve probably noticed how irritable you can be when you don’t get enough sleep? Well, imagine how much “happier” you’ll be when you do get enough!

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